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Thread: On the subject of communities and voting....

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    On the subject of communities and voting....

    'the future'.... how about e-voting?


    Any thoughts on the matter people?


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    Cyburbian jresta's avatar
    Apr 2003
    Philadelphia, PA
    I haven't voted in Pennsylvania yet but in New Jersey they still use the old machines with the levers. You pull the lever next to the candidate you want and an "X" appear next to the name. When you're done selecting you pull the green lever, the holes are punched mechanically, and the machine resets.

    You can hear the card being punched and you can hear the new card being loaded so it's pretty obvious when it malfunctions.

    Electronic voting scares me, a lot. Especially since the Diebold hierarchy has long been in bed with the current White House gang.

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    Cyburbian otterpop's avatar
    Jul 2003
    Down by Dun Ringill
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    We still use paper ballots in my area, where you mark your selections with a black marker. I am dubious of e-voting. My concern is it could be fraught with glictches and potential for fraud. A skilled hacker could ruin an election. Many of the older voters will not be able to understand the technology.

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    Cyburbian biscuit's avatar
    Nov 2002
    Paris of Appalachia
    Quote Originally posted by jresta
    I haven't voted in Pennsylvania yet but in New Jersey they still use the old machines with the levers.
    I don't know about the rest of Pennsylvania, but Allegheny County used the old lever machines in the one election I have been here to vote in.

    I too am VERY weary of e-voting. I know the arguement is that computers don't make mistakes, like leaving hanging chads, but not having a paper record of each and every vote seems like nothing more than an open invitation for fraud. For more than two centuries we've managed to elect our leaders with paper ballots without too much trouble and I just don't hear the outcry to make the process digital.

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    My County (Solano County) used Diebold machines last election. There were enough problems that the Secretary of State has basically banned them from Solano County and sevreal other counties.

    The machine used doesn't matter when you have County election staff that have conveniently "lost" your registration or the Sheriff "erroneously" reports that you have a felony conviction and cannot vote. But, E-voting seems to make it even easier to commit fraud, with little chance of catching it.

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