The price of natural gas is soaring. Next it will be oil.
The North American Way of Life as we know it may be doomed by an imminent energy crisis.

With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, "The End of Suburbia" is the first documentary to explore the prospects for the American Way of Life as the planet approaches a critical era - as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. "Global Oil Peak" and the inevitable decline of cheap fossil fuel are upon us now, some scientists and policy makers argue in this documentary.

The consequences of continued inaction in the face of this global crisis are enormous.

What does Global Oil Peak mean for North America? As energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the populations of suburban sprawl react to the collapse of their dream? Are today’s suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow?

This long-awaited documentary is now available on DVD.

Featuring James Howard Kunstler, Peter Calthorpe, Michael Klare, Richard Heinberg, Matthew Simmons, Michael C. Ruppert, Julian Darley, Colin Campbell, Kenneth Deffeyes, Ali Samsam Bakhtiari and Steve Andrews.

Oil Depletion and The Collapse of The American Dream