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Thread: Electronic Submittals

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    May 2004
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    Electronic Submittals

    Looking for examples of Planning agencies that require applications to be submitted in electronic format rather than or in addition to paper.

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    Mar 2004
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    Wow, someone from my birth city with a question! You with the County/City or private?

    Anyway, now that I'm in South Florida, you won't want to use our examples for anything in ultra conservative Mesa County! But on the off chance you find someone with an open mind :-0 ...... I've heard that Broward County and or Ft. Lauderdale accept digital applications. This can be difficult to require due to all of the software issues (unless you make everyone buy ArcGIS or AutoCad or whatever you might have...)

    I wish we did this where I work, could make presentations and referrals much more simple....

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    I have recomended getting submittals in electronic format if available, but the higher-ups have determined that is not necessary. I am sure that in 10 years or so when I am long gone and they are scanning in all kinds of documents they will rue the day they ignored my foresight! Heck they are already scanning in existing files!!

    I worked in a community that encouraged but didn't mandate electronic submittals. They used power point for their Plan Commission presentation and it made life easier when you could just dump some digital renderings into the presentation.
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    From my local regulations:

    n. Board Signature: Prior to obtaining Board signature, the Applicant shall submit two (2) complete paper print plan sets and supporting documents as required in Section 4.19 with a letter explaining how the Applicant addressed the conditions of approval. This shall include final and complete reports for all items submitted during review for the Town of Londonderry’s file. The Chairman and Secretary of the Board shall endorse a reproducible mylar, and four (4) paper copies of the approved plan(s) meeting the conditions of approval upon receipt of an executed bond for all improvements, excluding buildings. The Planning Department shall retain a reproducible and four (4) paper copies with supporting documents for Town of Londonderry records.

    In addition, complete electronic files of all of the drawings in the plan set in the latest AutoCAD format or other acceptable format approved by the Town shall be provided for the Town of Londonderry’s records.
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    We would not be likely to give up our paper copies, just because of the cost of printing. One paper copy is filed as part of the official record. A copy goes to each of the plan commissioners and to several members of the city staff. By the time we are done, we have distributed maybe 15 or so copies. Do we want to spend the staff time printing and collating these? Do we want to have to go out and purchase a large-format printer, as well as the necessary software to read all of these files? Do we want to bear the cost (even if it is billable back to the applicant)? No, let them submit the electronic copy, along with the required paper copies.
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    Aug 2002
    We do have online permitting, which I'm still getting used to, and for plats our code "requests" a digital copy to update our records. It's not a bad idea to extend our online permitting to online planning applications, though. We'd still have to make copies for the reviewing boards, but it would avoid the last minute rush at the counter on deadline days.

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