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Thread: Seeking advice on the architectural discipline

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    Seeking advice on the architectural discipline

    with one degree already under my belt, I am starting my architectural education later in life than my classmates. However, I know that architecture is the discipline I want to pursue. I mention this because I want no one to interpret this message as an apprehension about becoming an architect, on my part. I am looking for advice on what options are available to a student who wishes to make a career of this. The curriculum I have been introduced to this semester has been a great dissapointment for me.

    I suppose I had idealized the concept of architectural education in my mind. I envisioned a European aiteliet. Master DaVinci's studio. That sort of thing. I had this fantasy of a discipline that was an intersection of science, art and engineering. I wanted to devise structural systems to defeat earthquakes, develop a technique for architectural rendering in the tradition of Ingres and Pru'don, maybe build a catapult.

    What I have found instead, is a discipline dominated by a kind of shallow astheticism. Issues of a technical nature are appropriated by the engineer. The position of the architect seems to have been marginalized. Should this not be a part of MY education? This scenario hardly represents my Vitruvian ideals.

    Does any school offer a curriculum more suitable to my inclinations? Is the academic environment of architecture like this outside the U.S.? What does an aspiring architect DO when he does not wish to be completely isolated from the actual process of MAKING a building.? Because that is precisely how I feel right now.

    Are there oppurtunities to pursue engineering in conjunction with architecture? Are there oppurtunities to pursue it as a graduate student? How do architects DO THIS?

    Any insight is appreciated.


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    It may seem that the time of the "Rennaisance Man" (ie Da Vinci, Michelangelo = artist, architect, scientist, engineer) is over. However, there are still many architects with design concepts that are strongly related to technical ideas. Yes, there is aestheticism in architecture. Do you think the concept of 'architecture as art' is misguided? What do you mean by Vitruvian ideals? Do you mean that architecture should follow certain Vitruvian rules of harmony and ratio as advocated by Palladio. Hasn't Palladianism become a style and therefore perhaps "reduced" to a form of aestheticism?!! Maybe, you should look into the area of environmental or 'green' architecture, since there are a lot of innovative ideas for possible future habitats, that involves science and technology.

    Good Luck, An

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