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Thread: The cost of study

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    The cost of study

    i'm a first year student of architecture but this is currently my second year of study. i'm having to repeat part of the first year because I could not afford to attend some parts of the course last year thus causing me to fail. this absence was caused by a severe lack of money towards the final term. i'm lucky in that I have been given a second chance to continue, and I have somewhat cleared the debt of my first year but I feel that the lecturers do not understand the apparent need for money that todays student holds. they seem to agree that money is unimportant in the big architectural picture. Will this always be the case or will there ever be a time when I can design freely without the threat of (university) debt collectors coming for my drawing board?

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    Alex- do not fear! i went to architecture school with a whole $500 in my pocket. be frugal and creative with what you buy. don't buy from the closest book store/shop to campus. go somewhere that supplies many people. think ahead when buying supplies, sometimes professors are more intrigued with what you do with little than what you do with a lot. poverty is the mother of creativity! I had a credit card for the tight times when cash was low. I was able to work through school, then damn hard in the summers.

    don't be afraid to work, and don't let anyone say you can't do it. I paid for my tuition and supplies (aside from student loans) it was not an easy path, but no one can take it away when you are finished!

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