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Thread: "Hayek's View of New Urbanism" Responses

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    We get all weird if someone has done any sweating, if they smell at all, or if their hair isn't perfectly coiffed because they have been out in the wind for 20 minutes of walking. Europeans aren't so squeamish.
    I walk into work after a 40 minute bike ride and a 15 minute walk. The following questions come at me no matter what.
    1. Why are you so red? I've rode my bike back from school and walked really fast to work.
    2. Why are your eyes blood shot? The sweat gets in my eyes and burns, I SWEAR!
    3. Are you sweating? Yes blah, blah
    4. Are you tired? This one really gets me because after an hour of excersice I'm about as hyper as I can get. I think to myself, this person is just used to people (including me) looking sedate.

    It's basically summer and I'm done with the pick up truck for 5 months, time to ride and walk!

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    Quote Originally posted by mendelman
    [personal attack]The author of the article looks like an over zealous high school newspaper editor with more intelligence than experience or sense.[/personal attack]
    Yep. Definitely your "typical" libertarian college kid. (Sorry, libertarians )

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