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Thread: Please help me understand what studying architecture involves

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    Please help me understand what studying architecture involves

    I wish to start studying architecture and am looking for advice and realizations current students have to offer me.I have been travelling for a few years after high school and will be slightly older than other first years, are there other late starters out there? Do you have any insights for me?Any information at all will be appreciated.Marianna.

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    Prepare you self...

    If you are going to University, I think any University, then you first year will be VERY dull. I traveled a bit after high school as well. Saw the world (Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe), made some money, got bored, picked a career (Architecture), chose a school (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee). Anyway, prepare your self to sleep during most of the fist-year lectures, they will teach you nothing! I found my professors very condescending and most of my fellow students to be complete morons. And worst of all, I gained no hands-on experience. To me, Architecture is learned by doing things, either through drawing, making models, or BUILDING.

    If you want to be a good architect, I suggest lots of independent study. You've traveled, that's good. Have you picked a school yet? Be vocal in class, argue with your professors. If you know an architect, hang around their office, ask questions, and see if you can get an internship (but make sure you get paid - even if you know nothing). Hope this helps.

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