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Thread: Commercial lighting next to residential consistency?

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    Commercial lighting next to residential consistency?

    There seems to be no consistency when a commercial building is next to residential (C1B,C2 next to R1C in this example). One side of the street the commercial area has shielded lights and doesn't spill over to residents. (This expansion was a PUD). The lights are on timer. The other side of the same street the commercial enterprise (not a PUD) has enough lights that the neighbors don't have to turn on their own lights at night. The pole lights are much higher than the lights across the street. They are on all night whether the buisness is open or not. There are also lights on the building. Is there a good wording for an ordinance that would address this problem of lighting of commercial buildings and parking lots next to residential areas.

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    Dec 2001
    West Valley, AZ
    insert code along the lines of: "Any light fixtures and standards must be installed to prevent light from encroaching over adjacent properties and rights-of-way."

    Or insert techinical terms like: "Light intensity shall not exceed 0 lumens at any property lines adjacent to residential areas." " Light fixtures shall be flat-lensed to prevent glare." "Light fixtures shall be shielded when within 30 feet of any residential zoned or developed parcel."

    Ask mendelman about his lighting code. it's a fairly good one.

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    Oct 2003
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    If you are looking for comprehensive code, you will need technical items. In parts of Arizona, they take Dark Skies seriously. The City of Cottonwood has a very comprehensive (very restrictive) lighting ordinance, but it isn't available online. If you want something general, go with boiker's suggestion. I see that one often.

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    Quote Originally posted by ludes98
    ...If you want something general, go with boiker's suggestion. I see that one often.
    I agree. I think that's what our ordinance basically states.
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