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Thread: Pedestrain People: How do you prioritize sidewalk construction/repair?

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    Oct 2003
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    Pedestrain People: How do you prioritize sidewalk construction/repair?

    Im doing an internship this summer with the City of Austin's Long Range Land Use and Transportation Planning division working with the pedestrian/bike group. We are working on a system to prioritize sidewalk work and I was just wondering how other people do it in their cities. Its kinda scary to me that Austin is just now working on a method for doing this.

    Basically, we are creating a matrix and scoring each sidewalk/possible sidewalk that is requested judging mostly on proxemity to bus stops, routes, parks, schools, hospitals, gov't offices, population density, etc. Right now Im doing alot of GIS work putting together alot of data in different formats from different sources to make a point layer of government offices and important gov't owned land. we have never had a layer like this before and its funny how I got "the talk" about not letting this go public because of the Homeland Security Act.

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    Here's the rationale for our jurisdiction's sidewalk program:


    It's supposed to focus on completing sidewalks/sidewalk gaps within 2 miles of schools (where busing isn't available) but I don't think so. My neighborhood is less than a mile from an elementary school that the neighborhood kids attend, and not one of our streets is listed within any priority level (1-10). Dirt roads 10 miles from the nearest school will get sidewalks before us.

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    What are these things called "sidewalks" of which you speak? Bad here in my county; I can't believe how few of them we have. When I was in California, it was manditory to install them in all new subdivisions and commercial developments.
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    Adjacent road type ( Arterial, collector, local);
    Gaps between existing sidewalks;
    Routes to schools, downtown, parks, senior center, neighborhood shopping, etc...
    Private participation (funding).

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    I was showing some exchange students (high school age) around NYC last weekend and they really wanted to take in Times Square. I sat down in front of the recruiting station and said "meet me back here in 30 minutes - allez y." While they were running around my transportation gears started turning.

    I noticed that the already wide sidewalks had been added on to since i was last there a year ago. I also noticed that it didn't do much good. Then i started looking at the speed of the pedestrians relative to the speed of the cars and peds per square meter vs. occupants per square meter. NYC has very high average vehicle occupancy rates but the roads were clearly losing out to the sidewalks in terms of traffic carried.

    Regardless, the cars had 2-4 times more space dedicated to their purposes despite carrying about half the people. This was clearly a case where all or part of "the square" should be a pedestrian plaza or the cars should lose a lane in either direction.

    I can think of a few examples in this city as well.

    I think ped counts and a traffic/occupancy comparison are in order for busy ped corridors.
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    There is a bike/ped LOS program that was developed for the state of Florida that helps you figure out where your priorities should lie. I am not sure if the information is on DOTs website or not.

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