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Thread: Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement Officer Questions

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    May 1997
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    Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement Officer Questions

    I need job descriptions and current salary ranges for zoning administrators and code enforcement officers. These will be particularly helpful if they come from relatively affluent communities that are experiencing some growth. Thanks!

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    Apr 1996
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    I've asked my HR person to forward me our CE job description....I'll post it when I get it.
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    Lee check your PM - sorry I don't know how to attach a MS Word file to a PM so it is an ugly looking cut and paste job.

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    Apr 2003
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    Maister and I are both Zoning and Codes Administrators, and our tasks include but are not limited to:

    Administering the Zoning Code
    Administering the Community Quality section of the City Code
    Providing staff support for the Zoning Board of Appeals
    Administering lot line adjustments and splits
    Administering sign permits
    Administering home occupations
    Inspect new residential construction for setbacks before building permit can be issued
    Provide a minimum of 10 hours a week customer service at the front counter.

    In addition, I do some GIS work.

    Our salary rage is from $32,000 to $50,000

    *note: I do not make even close to $50,000 at this point in my life.
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    Here is my job description as defined by Ordinance:

    The Common Council shall designate the Zoning Administrator who, under the direction of the City Administrator, shall serve as the administrative enforcement officer for the provisions of this Chapter. The duty of the Zoning Administrator shall be to interpret and administer this Chapter and to issue, after on-site inspection, all permits required by this Chapter. The Zoning Administrator shall further:
    (a) Maintain records of all permits issued, inspections made, work approved and
    other official actions.
    (b) Record the lowest floor elevations of all structures erected, moved, altered or
    improved in the floodland districts.
    (c) Establish that all necessary permits that are required for floodland uses by state
    and federal law have been secured.
    (d) Inspect all structures, lands and waters as often as necessary to assure
    compliance with this Chapter.
    (e) Investigate all complaints made relating to the location of structures and the use
    of structures, lands and waters, give notice of all violations of this Chapter to the
    owner, resident, agent or occupant of the premises and report uncorrected
    violations to the City Attorney in a manner specified by him.
    (f) Prohibit the use or erection of any structure, land or water until he has inspected
    and. approved such use or erection.
    (g) Request assistance and cooperation from the Police Department and City
    Attorney as deemed necessary.

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