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Thread: Prerequisites for Admissions.

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    May 2004
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    Prerequisites for Admissions.

    Okay, so for the past summer, I've been taking two classes: Sociological Statistics and Microeconomics in order to fulfill some prerequisites for some of the planning schools to which I want to apply.

    I'm now considering some classes for this fall and am currently looking at: Urban Sociology (the class looks as urbanization as social phenomenon and looks at contemporary urban problem-solving), Intro to Geography (because I've heard so much from so many different people about the importance of geography as well as because of the rising importance, and my interest as well, in spatial econometrics), or Microeconomics in Policy Analysis (it's a grad level course).

    All these classes together will help fulfill prereq's for varying schools and hopefully show my ability and commitment given my unrelated Bachelor's degree in Art History. I'm also hoping to get a good writing sample from the urban sociology class. I'm definitely taking the geography course. It's doubtful I'll take the second micro course in policy analysis.

    Any thoughts you guys?

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    My only advice, enjoy the classes you take and take them on your terms, then if you want to take more classes (grad school) follow my previous advice.....
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