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Thread: Site suggestions for landscape architecture thesis

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    Site suggestions for landscape architecture thesis

    I am currently working on my thesis entitled, 'Designing experientially significant outdoor spaces for the blind and visually disabled', I am now at the point where I have to choose a site to apply what I have learned from my research to an actual design. I am having a problem finding a site to use though. I am looking for a smaller scale site (less than 10 hectares)anywhere in the world. The only thing that I really require is that there is alot of information available (photos, topo info, etc.)Any suggestions?

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    As an M.Arch. student who is partially blind I strongly recommend the ARNOLD ARBORETUM in Jamaica Plains, MA for your project. It is just outside the city of Boston and is owned by Harvard University. The topography of the site and the boundaries of sound lend a lot of possible opportunities for "blind" design.
    There is also a lot of information available. If you are interested I can send you a too map.

    Carey cbabyak
    M.Arch student: Boston Architectural Center
    Arch. Intern: The Design Partnership of Cambridge
    \mail: cbabyak@tdpc.com

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    I belive that the Atlanta Botanical garden has a section for blind visitors. It's probably too small for your needs but may still be interesting to look at.

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