This link lists some educational software:
Building Homes of Our Own

Building Homes Of Our Own - Grades 6-9

A Reality Based CD-ROM Game.

Building Homes of Our Own is an interactive teaching tool developed
for the middle school classroom environment. The game presents a
macro view of the entire home building process from site selection to
final sale. Players will collect information, solve problems and make
choices as they build a 3D home against a budget. When complete,
players review credit applications and sell to the buyer of their
I cannot get the website for "Homes of Our Own" to open (and maybe the site has been crashed by members of the forum that I got the link from, ) but it came recommended on a homeschooling list I am on and it caught my eye because someone who has it and likes it talked about "site planning" and "going to the zoning board" in addition to laying out floor plans, etc. It is available to educators -- it used to be available to anyone who asked but they got too many requests -- but home educators (aka homeschoolers) have succeeded in getting a copy by e-mailing them and explaining that they are educators, although they are not with a public school. It made me wonder if a) it might be relevant to some of these presentations that planners sometimes give at schools to explain planning to the kids and b) if a planner who does that type of thing might be able to get a copy if they explained that they do that as part of their job.