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Thread: All Players Drafted By Position

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    All Players Drafted By Position

    Updated list from Joe....through Round 15.....as always, cross reference with the Team by Team Summary and the current round (NHPlanner)

    Aaron Brooks-QB-New Orleans Saints-Repo Men-4
    Aaron Elling-PK-Vikings-Iowegians-15
    Aaron Schobel-D-BUF -Tech Valley-10
    Adam Archuleta-DB-STL-Tech Valley-12
    Adam Vinatieri-K-NE -Sign Permits-8
    Adewale Ogunleye-DT-Miami Dolphins-Still Psycho-9
    Ahman Green-RB-Green Bay Packers-ArgoNots-1
    Alge Crumpler-TE-Atlanta Falcons-Little Elm Libations-4
    Amani Toomer-WR-New York Giants-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-5
    Andra Davis-LB-Cleveland Browns-Clan Cheesehead-8
    Andre Davis-WR-Browns-Repo Men-9
    Andre Johnson-WR-Texans-Pac NW Plankton-3
    Anquan Boldin-WR-Arizona Cardinals-Little Elm Libations-2
    Anthony Becht-TE-New York Jets-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-8
    Anthony Simmons-LB-SEA-Pac NW Plankton-13
    Anthony Thomas-RB-Bears-Clan Cheesehead-12
    Antonio Gates-TE-SD-Pac NW Plankton-7
    Antwan Randle El-WR-Pittsburgh-Still Psycho-8
    Ashley Lelie-WR-Denver-Repo Men-6
    Ben Roethlisberger-QB-Pittsburgh Steelers-Little Elm Libations-R
    Ben Watson-TE-New England Patriots-Still Psycho-R
    Billy Miller-TE-Texans-Clan Cheesehead-11
    Boo Williams-TE-NO Saints-Repo Men-7
    Brad Johnson-QB-Tampa Bay Bucs-Iowegians-4
    Brandon Lloyd-WR-SF-Iowegians-10
    Brett Favre-QB-Green Bay Packers-Clan Cheesehead-1
    Brian Dawkins-DB-Eagles-Roughriders-11
    Brian Urlacher-LB-CHI-Sign Permits-12
    Brian Westrook-RB-Phillidelphia Eagles-Clan Cheesehead-2
    Bryant Johnson-WR-Arizona-Clan Cheesehead-15
    Bubba Franks-TE-Green Bay Packers-Roughriders-7
    Byron Leftwich-QB-Jax-Iowegians-7
    Carson Palmer-QB-Bengals-ArgoNots-7
    Chad Johnson-WR-Cincinnati Bengals-Iowegians-2
    Chad Pennington-QB-New York Jets-Still Psycho-2
    Charles Grant-DL-NO-Iowegians-13
    Charles Rogers-WR-Detriot Lions -ArgoNots-5
    Charlie Garner-RB-TB Bucs-Repo Men-5
    Chris Brown-RB-Tennessee-Still Psycho-5
    Chris Chambers-WR-Dolphins-Iowegians-5
    Chris Cooley-TE-Skins-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-13
    Chris Perry-RB-Cincinnati Bengals-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-R
    Clinton Portis-RB-Washington Redskins-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-1
    Corey Chavous-DB-Vikings -Tech Valley-14
    Corey Dillon-RB-NE Patriots-Oregon Wildfires-2
    Correll Buckhalter-RB-Philly-Big Easy Kings-6
    Curtis Martin-RB-New York Jets-Little Elm Libations-3
    Dallas Clark-TE-IND-Coastal Captains-8
    Dan Morgan-LB-Carolina Panthers-Repo Men-15
    Daniel Graham-TE-Pats-Tech Valley-8
    Darrell Jackson-WR-Seattle Seahawks-Repo Men-3
    Darren Sharper-DB-GB-Iowegians-12
    Dat Nguyen-LB-Dallas Cowboys-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-14
    David Akers-K-Philly-Tech Valley-9
    David Boston -WR-Miami Dolphins-Roughriders-4
    David Carr-QB-Houston Texans-Coastal Captains-7
    David Givens-WR-New England-Repo Men-8
    David Terrell-WR-CHI-Tech Valley-15
    David Thornton-LB-Colts-Clan Cheesehead-9
    Deion Branch-WR-New England Patriots-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-10
    Derrick Mason-WR-Tennessee Titans-Big Easy Kings-3
    DeShaun Foster-RB-Carolina-Coastal Captains-5
    Desmond Clark-TE-Chicago Bears-Big Easy Kings-9
    Deuce McAllister-RB-New Orleans Saints-Iowegians-1
    Dez White-WR-ATL-Sign Permits-15
    Dominick Davis-RB-Houston Texans-Repo Men-1
    Donald Driver-WR-Green Bay Packers-Sign Permits-10
    Donnie Edwards-LB-San Diego Chargers-Clan Cheesehead-6
    Donovan McNabb-QB-Philadelphia Eagles-Oregon Wildfires-3
    Donté Stallworth-WR-New Orleans Saints-Big Easy Kings-8
    Doug Brien-K-New York Jets-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-13
    Dre Bly-CB-Detroit Lions-Concord Kodiaks-10
    Drew Bennett-WR-Titans-Oregon Wildfires-12
    Drew Bledsoe-QB-Buffalo -Tech Valley-5
    Duante Culpepper-QB-Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-1
    Duce Staley-RB-Pittsburgh Steelers-Concord Kodiaks-4
    Dwayne Carswell-TE-Denver-Sign Permits-11
    Dwight Freeney-DE-Colts-Big Easy Kings-13
    E.J. Henderson-LB-Vikings-Big Easy Kings-12
    Ed Reed-S-Baltimore Ravens-Little Elm Libations-12
    Eddie George-RB-Dallas Cowboys-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-7
    Eddie Kennison-WR-Kansas City -Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-9
    Edgerrin James-RB-Indianapolis Colts-Sign Permits-1
    Eli Manning-QB-NY Giants-Sign Permits-R
    Emmitt Smith-RB-Arizona-Coastal Captains-9
    Eric Barton-LB-NYJ -Roughriders-13
    Eric Moulds-WR-Buffalo Bills-Tech Valley-3
    Erron Kinney-TE-Titans-Roughriders-9
    Fred Taylor-RB-Jacksonville Jaguars-Pac NW Plankton-1
    Freddie Jones-TE-Arizona -New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-7
    Garrison Hearst-RB-Denver -Sign Permits-13
    Greg Wesley-DB-Kansas City-Coastal Captains-12
    Hines Ward-WR-Pittsburgh Steelers-Roughriders-2
    Ike Hilliard-WR-N.Y. Giants-Big Easy Kings-15
    Isaac Bruce-WR-St. Louis Rams-Coastal Captains-4
    Itula Mili-TE-SEA-Sign Permits-7
    Jake Delhomme-QB-Carolina Panthers-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-6
    Jake Plummer-QB-Denver Broncos-Concord Kodiaks-5
    Jamal Lewis-RB-Baltimore Ravens-Still Psycho-1
    Jamie Sharper-LB-Houston-Sign Permits-6
    Jason Elam-K-Denver Broncos-ArgoNots-9
    Jason Hanson-K-Detroit Lions-Still Psycho-11
    Jason Taylor-DE-Miami Dolphins-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-11
    Jason Witten-TE-Dallas Cowboys-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-8
    Javon Walker-WR-Green Bay Packers-Still Psycho-4
    Jay Feely-K-Atlanta-Iowegians-11
    Jay Fiedler-QB-Dolphins-Big Easy Kings-7
    Jay Foreman-LB-Houston-ArgoNots-11
    Jeff Garcia-QB-Cleveland Browns-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-6
    Jeff Wilkins-PK-Saint Louis Rams -Clan Cheesehead-4
    Jeremy Shockey-TE-New York Giants -Tech Valley-2
    Jermaine Wiggins-TE-MIN-Pac NW Plankton-15
    Jerry Azumah-D-Chicago Bears-Little Elm Libations-10
    Jerry Porter-WR-OAK-Pac NW Plankton-6
    Jerry Rice-WR-Oakland-Roughriders-14
    Jesse Palmer-QB-NY Giants-Tech Valley-13
    Jevon Kearse-DT-Philly-Still Psycho-10
    Jim Kleinsasser-TE-Vikings-Iowegians-8
    Jimmy Smith-WR-Jax Jaguars-Oregon Wildfires-5
    Joe Horn-WR-New Orleans Saints-Still Psycho-3
    Joey Galloway-WR-Tampa Bay-Oregon Wildfires-14
    Joey Harrington-QB-Detroit Lions -Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-4
    John Abraham-DL-NYJ-Iowegians-14
    John Carney-K-New Orleans-Coastal Captains-13
    John Kasay-K-Carolina Panthers-Big Easy Kings-11
    John Mobley-LB-Denver-Still Psycho-14
    Jon Kitna-QB-Bengals-Roughriders-6
    Josh Brown-K-Seattle Seahawks-Concord Kodiaks-9
    Josh McCown-QB-Arizona-Oregon Wildfires-7
    Julius Jones-RB-Dallas Cowboys-Pac NW Plankton-R
    Julius Peppers-DL-Carolina Panthers-Repo Men-13
    Justin Gage-WR-Bears-Oregon Wildfires-8
    Justin McCareins--WR-NY Jets-Sign Permits-5
    Keenan McCardell-WR-Tampa Bay-Big Easy Kings-5
    Keith Brooking-LB-Atlanta-Coastal Captains-6
    Keith Bullock-LB-Tennessee Titans-Clan Cheesehead-5
    Kellen Winslow Jr-TE-Cleveland Browns-Big Easy Kings-R
    Kelly Holcomb-QB-Cle -Still Psycho-15
    Ken Hamlin-DB-Seattle-Oregon Wildfires-15
    Kerry Collins-QB-Oakland-Still Psycho-13
    Kevan Barlow-RB-San Fransisco 49ers-Pac NW Plankton-2
    Kevin Dyson-WR-San Diego Chargers-Little Elm Libations-13
    Kevin Faulk-RB-New England -Tech Valley-6
    Kevin Johnson-WR-BAL-Clan Cheesehead-13
    Kevin Jones-RB-Detroit Lions-Repo Men-R
    Keyshawn Johnson-WR-Cowboys-Clan Cheesehead-10
    Koren Robinson-WR-Seattle Seahawks -ArgoNots-4
    Kurt Warner-QB-Giants-Tech Valley-7
    Kyle Boller-QB-Baltimore Ravens-Repo Men-11
    L.J Smith-TE-PHI-ArgoNots-10
    LaDainian Tomlinson-RB-San Diego Chargers-Coastal Captains-1
    Lamont Jordan-RB-New York Jets-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-15
    Larry Fitzgerald -WR-Arizona Cardinals-Tech Valley-R
    LaVar Arrington-LB-Deadskins-Oregon Wildfires-10
    Laveranues Coles-WR-Washington Redskins-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-3
    Lee Evans-WR-Buffalo Bills-Clan Cheesehead-R
    Lee Suggs-RB-Cleveland Browns-Concord Kodiaks-6
    Leonard Little-DL-StL-Pac NW Plankton-14
    London Fletcher-D-Buffalo-Roughriders-12
    Marc Bulger-QB-STL-Sign Permits-3
    Marcel Shipp-RB-Arizona Cardinals-Big Easy Kings-4
    Marcus Pollard-TE-Indianapolis Colts -Little Elm Libations-6
    Marcus Robinson-WR-Vikings-Oregon Wildfires-6
    Marcus Washington-LB-Washington Redskins-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-11
    Mark Brunell-QB-Washington Redskins-Concord Kodiaks-7
    Marshall Faulk-RB-STL-Repo Men-2
    Marty Booker-WR-Chi-Bears-ArgoNots-8
    Marvin Harrison-WR-Indianapolis Colts-Sign Permits-2
    Matt Hasselbeck-QB-Seattle Seahawks-Roughriders-3
    Matt Stover-K-Baltimore Ravens-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-9
    Michael Bennett-RB-Minnesota Vikings -Iowegians-3
    Michael Jenkins-WR-Atlanta Falcons-Coastal Captains-R
    Michael Lewis-DB-Philadelphia-ArgoNots-15
    Michael Strahan-DL-Giants-Iowegians-9
    Michael Vick-QB-Atlanta Falcons-Big Easy Kings-1
    Micheal Clayton-WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-R
    Mike Alstott-RB-TB-Sign Permits-14
    Mike Brown-DB-Chicago-Roughriders-15
    Mike Petterson-LB-Jacksonville Jaguars-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-14
    Mike Rucker-DE-Carolina Panthers-Concord Kodiaks-11
    Mike Vanderjagt-K-Indianapolis Colts-Little Elm Libations-5
    Mike Vrabel-D-New England Patriots-Little Elm Libations-11
    Moe Williams-RB-Minnesota Vikings-Little Elm Libations-14
    Mushin Muhammad-WR-Carolina-Concord Kodiaks-12
    Napolean Harris-LB-Oakland-Concord Kodiaks-15
    Nick Barnett-LB-Green Bay-Coastal Captains-11
    Nick Harper-DB-IND-Coastal Captains-14
    Onterrio Smith-RB-Minnesota Vikings-Little Elm Libations-8
    Osi Umenyiora-D-New York Giants-Little Elm Libations-15
    Pat Williams-D-BUF-ArgoNots-12
    Paul Edinger-K-CHI-Repo Men-12
    Peerless Price-WR-Atlanta Falcons-Tech Valley-4
    Peter Warrick-WR-Cincinnati-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-5
    Peyton Manning-QB-Indianapolis Colts-Little Elm Libations-1
    Plaxico Burress-WR-Pittsburgh Steelers-Pac NW Plankton-5
    Priest Holmes-RB-Kansas City Chiefs-Oregon Wildfires-1
    Quentin Griffin-RB-Denver Broncos-Concord Kodiaks-8
    Quincy Morgan-WR-CLE-ArgoNots-13
    Randy McMicheal -TE-Miami Dolphins-Still Psycho-7
    Randy Moss-WR-Minnesota Vikings-Concord Kodiaks-1
    Rashaun Woods-WR-SF 49ers-Iowegians-R
    Ray Lewis-LB-Baltimore Ravens-Clan Cheesehead-3
    Reggie Wayne-WR-Indianapolis Colts-Still Psycho-6
    Reggie Williams-WR-Jacksonville Jaguars-Oregon Wildfires-R
    Rex Grossman-QB-Bears -Roughriders-8
    Rich Gannon-QB-Raiders -Clan Cheesehead-14
    Robert Ferguson-WR-GB Packers-Repo Men-14
    Rod Gardner-WR-Redskins-Coastal Captains-10
    Rod Smith-WR-Broncos -Iowegians-6
    Rodney Harrison-D-New England Patriots-ArgoNots-6
    Ron Dayne-RB-New York Giants-Oregon Wildfires-13
    Ronde Barber-CB-Tampa Bay-Tech Valley-11
    Roy Williams-S-Dallas Cowboys-Repo Men-10
    Roy Williams-WR-Detroit Lions-Concord Kodiaks-R
    Rudi Johnson-RB-Cincinnati Bengals-Big Easy Kings-2
    Ryan Longwell-K-Packers-Roughriders-10
    Sam Cowart-LB-NYJ-Coastal Captains-15
    Santana Moss-WR-N.Y. Jets-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-3
    Sebastian Janikowski-K-OAK-Pac NW Plankton-12
    Shaun Alexander-RB-Seattle Seahawks-Roughriders-1
    Shawn Barber-LB-Chiefs-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-12
    Shayne Graham-K-Bengals-Big Easy Kings-14
    Shelton Quarles-D-TB-ArgoNots-14
    Simeon Rice-DE-Tampa Bay-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-12
    Stephen Davis-RB-Carolina Panthers-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-2
    Steve McNair-QB-Tennessee Titans-Coastal Captains-3
    Steve Smith-WR-Carolina Panthers-Eastern Shore Oyster Catchers-2
    Steven Jackson-RB-St Louis Rams-Roughriders-R
    T.J. Duckett-RB-Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-4
    Takeo Spikes-LB-Buffalo Bills-Concord Kodiaks-13
    Tatum Bell-RB-Denver Broncos-ArgoNots-R
    Ted Bruschi-LB-New England Patriots-Clan Cheesehead-7
    Teddy Lehman-LB-Detroit Lions-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-15
    Terrell Buckley-DB-NE-Still Psycho-12
    Terrell Owens-WR-Philadelphia Eagles-Coastal Captains-2
    Terry Glenn-WR-Dallas Cowboys-Little Elm Libations-7
    Thomas Jones-RB-Chicago Bears-Sign Permits-4
    Tiki Barber-RB-New York Giants -ArgoNots-2
    Todd Heap-TE-Baltimore Ravens-Oregon Wildfires-4
    Tom Brady-QB-New England Patriots-ArgoNots-3
    Tommy Maddox-QB-PIT-Pac NW Plankton-8
    Tony Gonzalez-TE-Kansas City Chiefs-Concord Kodiaks-3
    Torry Holt-WR-STL-Concord Kodiaks-2
    Travis Henry-RB-Buffalo Bills-Tech Valley-1
    Travis Minor-RB-MIA-Pac NW Plankton-9
    Trent Green-QB-KC Chiefs-Pac NW Plankton-4
    Troy Hambrick-RB-Oakland -Roughriders-5
    Ty Law-DB-NE-Sign Permits-9
    Tyrone Calico-WR-TEN-Pac NW Plankton-10
    Tyrone Poole-DB-New England Patriots-Concord Kodiaks-14
    Tyrone Wheatley-RB-Oakland Raiders-New Orleans HOT G.R.I.T.S.-10
    Warren Sapp-DL-Oakland Raiders-Little Elm Libations-9
    Warrick Dunn-RB-Falcons-Big Easy Kings-10
    William Green-RB-CLE-Pac NW Plankton-11
    Willis McGahee-RB-Bills-Oregon Wildfires-9
    Zach Thomas-LB-MIA -Oregon Wildfires-11
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