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Thread: Historic Preservation wins over Sensibility

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    Mar 2003
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    Historic Preservation wins over Sensibility

    There has been a battle raging for about four years now about the house pictured below.

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    The picture shows a large blue house that the city purchased 4 years ago so that they would have control of what happen's to it. The picture also shows, off to the far left a piece of a yellow house that shares a driveway.

    That yellow house would be mine....So you can see my intimate relationship and NIMBY urges showing...

    The City told us when we bought that they were just waiting for the blue house to get bad enough to tear it down. Although I am a great believer in rehabing, I also believe that there is an end to the life of a structure and it should be torn down.. This house has reached that point. There is only one room of OK woodwork. The remainder of the house has been used hard and treated poorly.
    The original foundation is crumbling and every floor/wall roof wiring, plumbing heating /cooling must be replaced. There is NO back yard. And no place to put a garage. The City estimated that it would take $150,000 just to make it habitable and the bid that was accepted yesterday was $35,100.00.

    All is well and great for this person that is going to refurbish but they are still going to find it hard to sell to break even. I guess it will be good for my property value. But in the mean time we get to live next door to the reconstruction noise.
    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to vent.
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    Look at it this way... its a lovely house and you will probably have some really neat new neighbors to get to know.

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    Quote Originally posted by Queen B
    But in the mean time we get to live next door to the reconstruction noise.
    Quit your bitching and stop hassling the folks at the 4-story medical building on the other side of your backyard fence.

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