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Thread: Council/PC meetings getting in the way

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    Mar 2002
    Land of 10,000 frozen pipes

    Council/PC meetings getting in the way

    Council and Planning Commissions Getting in the way again!!!!!!!!

    How many times do we sacrifice fun for our work???????

    I had tickets made available for me last night to watch the homerun derby and all-star game in Milwaukee and am unable to attend because of a stupid council meeting tonight.......and a special PC meeting tomorrow.

    This Sucks!!!! Can't just work the normal 8-4

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    Oct 2000
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    I missed Barenaked Ladies' last sweep through Albany because it was on a Tuesday night. Dammit.

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    Feb 2002
    Bag the hr derby, but what about an empathtic boss willing to cover the pc meeting. I mean, its the mid summer classic!

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    For some stupid reason our Plan Commission always schedules meetings on the night of the NCAA Basketball Finals. The first tuesday in April is usually an election date, so instead of moving the meetings from Tuesday to Wednesday, they move it to Monday.

    I have also had to turn down baseball and basketball tickets and have missed a few good concerts. I think all Cities should have day meetings. It might reduce the number of yahoos that show up.
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    Mar 1996
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    For this small town ...

    Town Commission - 2nd and 4th Tuesday night
    Planning and Zoning Board - 1st (workshop) and 3rd (development review) Tuesday night
    Board of Adjustment - 1st Thursday night
    Code Enforcement Board - 2nd Thursday night
    Town Center Committee - a couple of nights a month
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    Dec 2001
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    Planning Commission mtgs on the 1st Monday of the month. We miss too many Monday Night Football games.

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