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Thread: Private roads and subdivision review

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    Private roads and subdivision review

    Ok, some of you have heard me despair about communities in my county without land use regs. Sometimes even those communities with regs get it terribly wrong.

    During my lunch break today, I took a drive to look at a subdivision that was recently approved by one of our communities.

    This is the improved access (a private road) to the development. Yes, it is being advertised and sold as year-round access. No HOA to maintain the road, either. It is owned and supposedly to b maintained by the abutting lot owners. And no, local emergency services were not consulted on whether they could get in or out. (There are no AWD emergency services vehicles in our county.)

    The planning board voted 4-1 in favor of the project. The opposing member also sits on the county planning board.

    Note: the camera was probably tilted up 5-10 degrees when this shot was taken.

    Can you top this fiasco?
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    Oh yeah, but I don't have pictures. Before it adopted subdivision regulations, one of my client counties in idaho, got 10 foot easements between the lots for access. The easements weren't even cleared, so once you bought a lot, you had to cut all the trees in the easement down to get there.

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