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Thread: AIB - Bluegrass Music - Cultural Music

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    AIB - Bluegrass Music - Cultural Music

    Quote Originally posted by BKM
    I don't envy or even "admire" per se mountain culture-but I have a lot of respect for it. I also like Andean traditional music
    This made me think of the other "non-tradional" music's I like. For me it is klezmer. If anyone is looking for good music that is fun check out




    All have downloadable songs and are interesting people.

    So any other suggestions for real "alternative" music?
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    Louisiana has a diverse mixture of cultural music:
    • Dixie Jazz
    • Brass Bands
    • Traditional and Modern Jazz
    • UNIQUE Rap Music - Home of the "Bounce" sound and the CASH MONEY MILLIONAIRES!!!! BLING BLING
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    Sure. I might recommend some recordings of some Tibetan Bhuddist monks chanting (COOL BASS), but I find this jump is usually too much of a stretch for most western ears (patience Grasshopper, you must study long before hearing the reverberating ocatave tones...). Most traditional African music is pretty accessable to western ears. My personal fave, though is the world famous Kumran (sp?) singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - "Mustt mustt massive attack remix" ROCKS! (I think he was from Pakistan maybe someone can Google it). I also give high marks to Peter Gabriel's Real World Music label and just about any of their recordings.
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