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Thread: Urban planning as a profession

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    Sep 2004
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    Urban planning as a profession

    Right now I'm a pre-business student freshman. I have always had an interest in cities and transportation and layout etc. I just recently tried to find on the internet if it were a profession or not and got this website. Can I get some info on the job, how much it pays, do I need to be elected to get a job, can I minor in urban planning, etc.

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    Oct 2003
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    Quote Originally posted by Orion
    Can I get some info on the job, how much it pays, do I need to be elected to get a job, can I minor in urban planning, etc.
    There are similar threads on this topic already you might try reading. Don't expect to get rich as a planner. No it is not an elected position. As for minoring in planning, that would depend on your college. I haven't seen a job posting for a planner yet that would accept a minor in planning.

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    Aug 2001
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    Check the Student Lounge for more threads on this topic. As for a minor in planning...I'd say if you had a greater interset in Public Policy or a realted field first, and a passing interest in planning, that would be why you'd choose the planning minor. I myself double majored in college...
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    One of the more popular minors for Bach Public Administration students at Texas State is urban and regional planning. Talk to your advisors/professors in both the business school and planning school about what you are wanting to do and maybe they can give you some guidance for where that could take your career. If it turns out that you are really into planning, you might consider a double major or switching your major to planning and minoring in business. That might be helpful in getting you on the private sector side of planning.

    As for how much you can make, it really depends. Don't expect to be living in some palace on a hill, but most of us make a comfortable living. The American Planning Association website has areas for job postings as well as most state chapters of the APA. You can also check with your state municipal league, association of counties, etc for job information and listings. Here's a link to the APA to get you started: American Planning Association . You might also check with your planning school to see if they have a copy of the APA salary survey.

    Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally posted by Orion
    ...can I minor in urban planning, etc.
    Some places offer it as a Major or a Minor. If not, you can look at Geography, they might have the classes you are looking for. APA is a good place to start, also check with your state chapter of the APA. They may be able to find someone to meet with you, find programs, and maybe scholarships.

    As for the getting rich, if you are smart enough determined enough, and creative enough, you can get rich doing anything.
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    Don't Bother

    I wouldn't bother with a minor in urban planning (even if available). Focus on GIS or some other subject that is of more use with a career....
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