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Thread: Ever wanted to rent yer own TITAN Facility?

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    May 2004
    The other Inland Empire

    Ever wanted to rent yer own TITAN Facility?

    Well say no more. Now's your chance. An incredible opportunity to rent a portion of a decomissioned underground Titan facility. Oh the things you'll find on eBay. My favorite line from the item description:

    2 - Titan Missile Silos - 155' tall, forty feet in diameter (wider near surface). Each has double silo doors weighing over 100 tons that could open to direct surface access. Walls up to fourteen feet thick!! Could add mult-floors to building or use the awesome space for something else. Has direct access to Fuel Terminal Building, Equipment Terminal Building and Main passageway. Could have awesome natural lighting with skylight installed at surface. Also has access to separate ventilation shaft. Some commercial uses may be allowed. Contact me to discuss the limitless possibilities. Monthly rental $750 per month each. Tenant improvements available but are extra. Will remodel to suit.
    Missle silos for sale

    Bid with confidence!!!

    Don't miss out!!!

    Actually, this is a short drive from here...it would be cool to set up an appointment and check it out.

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    Oct 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ
    I have seen some on Discovery or Home and Garden. The homes are weird. One I saw they worked out of it telecommuting and had foodstocks for like a month and didn't leave. Uhh no thanks. I would think that putting in skylights would be hard given the depth of the silo.

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    Mar 2004
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    I would buy one.
    Then I would obtian a hazardous disposal permit.
    Then I would sell disposal space for radioactive , chemical and other hazards to the highest bidder.....Sweet way to make some bucks....and provide what must be a more safe way of disposal than whats out there now.....
    Maybe throw a 15 foot thick concrete floor in, just to be sure there is no seepage..... Then I would move to Costa Rica and eat lobster every day on the beach....

    On second thought...would be a great place to raise the kids .....NOT....
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    Sep 1998
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    Careful what you wish for.

    A have a picture in my mind of a group of evil developers renting one of these facilities and then sponsoring a design charette and inviting all local planners to attend. Let your minds wander from here regarding what happens next. For me, here is what happens:

    Developers lure planner types into silo promising guided tour
    Developers acend to surface and seal doors behind them
    Developers use constuction contacts and arrange for 100 tonnes of concrete to be poured in the silo.
    Developers apply to federal government for grant to assist additional jurisdictions with silo decomissioning.

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