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Thread: Zoning ordinance revision question

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    Zoning ordinance revision question

    Currently our cities zoning ordinance includes a general section that includes everything from how we hand non-conforming buildings/uses.......to yard requirements, building size regulations, grading, signs, etc.....

    We then have a section for each district defining the uses and conditional uses allowed in those districts.

    What I am thinking about doing to make it easier for the citizens as well as me.......is (for instance) take all of the requirments that pertain to R-1 single family and put them in that district section. In other words, you will be able to go to the R-1 section and find everything you need to know about it.....rather than dig through the general requirements section which includes every district...........Just trying to make things easier.

    Has anyone else done this recently?

    I have only been a planner here for about a year, and I have a feeling I might tic some people off........but we keep piecmealing changes into our ordinance and I believe at some point we are going to have to do something like this anyway.

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    One thing you could consider doing is creating handouts for each district that contain the district requirements and the general requirements that affect that district. That way you don't have to change the code, but you have a user-friendly handout that covers all the bases.

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    In my opinion, ordinance that utilize what you are proposing are a Godsend for the unfamiliar user. I say do it.

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