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Thread: Serious Subject: Abuse

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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    Serious Subject: Abuse

    Toledo has a mid-sized suspension bridge, that some folks, over the years, have decided to depart from.....at the top....landing in the Maumee River. So, when there is activity on the bridge that looks like a "jumper", the rescue people and police respond rather quickly.

    An area woman, who says she was sexually abused for years by her siblings, was in the news, at the top of the bridge, which is called the Anthony Wayne Bridge. But she wasn't jumping. Her boyfriend was going to rapel off the bridge as a publicity stunt to bring attention to her particular case.

    Today, a couple days later, she was being interviewed by a local radio station. Her story sounded horrific and she sounded very strong and willing to share her story, to (hopefully) keep it from happening to her sibling's kids. She sounded very believeable. In fact, I believe that she is telling the truth.

    Being a thinking Bear, I asked myself, "What if she wasn't telling the truth?" In the interview she described how she was abused from a very young age until she was about 17. At that point she told her Mother. Her Mother didn't believe her and eventually the entire family disowned her.

    She stands by her story.

    After digesting all of the above info, I ask the Cyburbia folks the following:

    Would it be a violation of civil liberties if social workers were to interview the children of this woman's brothers? The Libertarian streak in me says, "Can't do it." The non-Libertarian (perhaps more human, more compassionate) says, "Do it now, before those kids get abused."

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    Jul 2002
    South FL
    It's old news that the Florida Dept. of Children & Families have been swept up in a tide of negative publicity and sometimes horrifying stories of children who were neglected, and some actually "misplaced," in the system.

    One of my former neighbors had custody of her 2 grandsons because her daughter is mentally unstable and has abused drugs. Her daughter recently had another baby and married the daddy. The best man at the wedding, who was a friend of the groom's from out of town, not only did not stay for the wedding, but immediately contacted FDCF because of some things he saw at their house.

    Now if he hadn't "interfered," no telling what would have happened to that baby. She is now in grandma's custody.

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT
    Who can say, but abuse tends to run in families.

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    Feb 2004
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    Boy, talk about identifying the ultimate uncomfortable social issue...no matter what direction you take in terms of policy you're damned! If we ignore the pleas of those who allege abuse, we stand idly by while a great injustice potentially occurs. If we send social services in at the first suggestion of abuse we have, in effect, already taken 'sides' on the issue by believing the allegation enough in the first place to investigate, thereby placing a stain on the accused's reputation whether or not the allegations have merit.
    There's actually a little more middle ground than this and the issue is even more unclear when we consider family dynamics, but suffice it to say it is both controvertial and complex
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