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Thread: To celebrate the end of the assault weapons ban ...

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    To celebrate the end of the assault weapons ban ...

    ... have a shot of Kalashnikov vodka.

    LONDON (Reuters) - The creator of one of the world's most famous guns, the AK-47 assault rifle, launched another weapon in Britain Monday -- Kalashnikov vodka.

    Lieutenant General Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented the AK-47 after being shot by German soldiers during World War II, said he wanted to continue "the good name" of his gun.

    "I've always wanted to improve and expand on the good name of my weapon by doing good things," he told Reuters Television.

    "So we decided to create a vodka under my name. And we wanted that vodka to be better than anything made, up until now, in both Russia and England."
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    Oct 2001
    Dan - Yikes, I've got to clean my room up if I'm going to have guests over for cocktails! The place is a pigsty.

    For you history buffs, this is a real Assault Rifle and my personal suite in the Bedouin Arms Hotel just outside of Basra, Iraq in May of 1991.
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