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Thread: Gasoline Station Service Bay Designs Standards

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    Jun 2004
    Dennis, MA

    Gasoline Station Service Bay Designs Standards

    Hello all! Hope you can help. We are about to be faced with an application to add gasoline pumps to an automobile repair facility. The site is clearly substandard, but the Board of Appeals, over the objections of staff , just granted a variance on setbacks to allow gasoline pumps and a canopy to be located within the front yard setback. Luckily the project still has to undergo Special Permit for Use review by the Planning Board. One of the many problems with this project is that one of the existing service bays will be forced to back out into the gasoline pump area. There is 32 feet shown on the plan from edge of building to the pumps. Does anyone out there have any design standards they can point me to for proper "safe" turning radii for access to service bays of this sort? I am going to try to dig out the ITE standards for vehicle turning radii as it applies to access to the pumps from the street. I am thinking that I need, at minimum, the same standards for the service bays but wanted to get the opinion of others.


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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Hmmm...I've not come across any "standards" applicable to this situation. 32' sounds like it would be enough to accommodate the movements though - basically you have a 20' "driveway" and a 10' "traffic lane" at the pumps. In addition, I would assume that it would mainly be mechanics moving the cars in and out of the bays, which might mitigate against needing extra turning space.

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