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Thread: Seniors and the city

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    Seniors and the city

    subtitle: Affluent, educated retirees are forfeiting a regular tee time in favor of loft living, opera tickets and bistros

    Interesting article in the Oct. 11, 2004 edition of NEWSWEEK at:

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    Oct 2004
    Thanks, Jna. Very interesting article.
    Actually I don't know exactlly how your suburbs are, but I image that are like ours and even worse.
    Being places that doesn't really fit to the need of a man it means that the first age group to suffer are the weaker ones: children and elderly. But while children at least go to scholl each day, elderly cun't do really anything if they start not feeling confortble to move by car. Yes, they could watch TV all the day and maybe walking a bit outside: this is a so poor life style!

    "some cities, especially those with few cultural offerings, have seen an exodus of seniors".

    This very important: it prove that a city, if doesn't act as it should, lose the advantage it naturally has on the suburbs way of life.

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