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Thread: What's Worse, Teen Boys Or Teen Girls?

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    What's Worse, Teen Boys Or Teen Girls?

    My step-son is seventeen (17). He's quite the stud muffin, with loads of girls calling all the time. He's a stud, alright.....spending hours in front of the mirror, primping, and heading out.

    And leaving a trail a mile long. Used tissues laying on the floor. Socks and undies thrown next to the clothes hamper. A room that needs a grenade set off to make a path.

    Moody. Sarcastic.

    But, a good kid who stays away from drugs, alcohol, trouble. When he's not romancing the ladies he's on the golf course.

    My wife keeps reminding me that my son was the same, back in the early 1990's. Same stories, different kid.

    I don't remember being a slob when I was a kid. I'm not a neat freak but I threw clothes in the hamper. I thought my disposition was good.....not moody. My mom is no longer here to ask.

    In my former marriage I had a teen step-daughter. She was neat and clean, but really moody and a bit of a loner. And whiny.

    Bottom-line question: Which is worse, teen boys or teen girls?

    Bear Convienently Forgetting The Past

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    just remember the old adage

    Bear, I really don't know which is worse, having only a daughter, but the old saw about daughters is true. "Daughter's are God's revenge on fathers. They live in fear that they will meet someone like they were at that age." Now I really know how true that is!!!

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    Jul 2003
    San Diego, CA
    Well, I really cannot answer that because I have two teenaged boys, no girls and I really do not have anything remotely resembling objective feedback about what I was like as a teenager.

    I have two moody, mouthy teenaged boys. When they get moody and mouthy, I say things like "Gee, you sound like one of those icky teenaged boys" to let them know that I will cut them some slack for their hormone impaired condition but there are limits to my tolerance for bad behavior. When they are too busy playing to get their chores done, I wake them up at 2am to make them do their chores. After that, for the next few weeks, they are a whole lot better about remembering the simple rule "Chores first, games second". If I were the parent of the kid you described, all dating privileges (or whatever he most cherishes) would be susepnded until his slobby habits improved: If you cannot put your GQ clothes in the hamper, I cannot be bothered to wash them. See how many dates you get with your GQ clothes wrinkled and smelling to high heaven. You cannot clean up after yourself in the bathroom after you have done all your primping, I suddenly have a budget shortfall and cannot afford to buy your mousse and styling gel, or afford the electricity for your hairdryer which is now locked in a cabinet in my bedroom, etc.

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    Oct 2003
    In Wasteland of Cedar Trees
    What a timing for this thread's question. I just finished my first week of the four-week-long practicum at a secondary school. I'm in two grade nine classes where all the students are between the age of 13 to 15 years, a grade 11 class in which the students are 15 to 16 years old, and a grade 12 class in which the students are 16 to 17 years old. And, from all of my observations, neither teen boys or teen girls are worst than the others. The most incorrigible bunch of them are the immature students, which tends to be those insecured ones, especially those in grade nine.

    Grade nine is such a tough time for them. So many changes. More girls and boys to impress. No longer at the top of the social strata at the school. More responsibilities for teens who are really just overgrown kids. No sense of organizations. Being exposed to many different teachers, to less structure, to less reinforcements, and to peer pressure. Those with exceptionalities seem to be strucken the most as their insecurity skyrocket as they realize that they can no longer use strategies that they once use in elementary schools.

    Primping, being or projecting an image of being stud-like or slut-like, being careless, being overtired, being overslept, and being et al are all part of being teenagers. However, I do find that most of them outgrow much of the "over-"isms as they mature and feel more secure. Keep doing those little things that they say they hate, but truely like or love. So, just keep loving your teenaged children and they'll feel secure as they realize that they are supported and cared for who they are. And they'll thank you somedays...just believe in them and in the power of delayed gratification.

    As you can tell, this week at the high school was sure a ride back in time for me!

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    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    I agree with the delayed gratification.

    However I belive girls are much harder to raise than boys or maybe it is just because I had a pretty easy boy.
    The only problems we ever had from him was difficulties stemming from his girlfriend.
    The girls how ever were horrible. My step daughter brought so many boys though the house I refused at one point to even acknowledge then until they had been there twice and didn't care what there name was until they had been over at least 5 times. They had names like "SPIKE". She got pregnant before she got out of HS.
    I was so worried that she wouldn't make anything of herself.
    Flash forward...She was the only one of the kids to graduate college, she is employed at Wal Mart Corporate Headquaters, my grandson is just about 10. She has just now gotten engaged and is planning to be married for the first time. She has turned out to be great!!!!!
    My daughter went through a horrible hormonal upheaval. Vial things used to spew from her lips. You couldn't get through the door of her room. I finally had to give up with her and send her to her father for a year during her teen years. She came back and dropped out of school.
    Flash Forward...Got her GED, is raising two wonderful boys, she is an incredibly hard worker, her house is amazingly clean considering how she kept her room. She irons everything(this is from the girl that used to pick clothes wadded off the floor to wear) She said the other day that her favorite thing to do was to hang with her mom. And if her new relationship works out....she just found a man with his sights set on being a Dr.
    I have two more daughters to go. Right now 11 &13 every time their hormones kick in I just laugh at my husband. So here I go again.
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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