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Thread: Extension of existing special land use - please help!

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    Feb 2002

    Extension of existing special land use - please help!

    Please keep in mind that I know this falls under the RLUIPA, but I am unclear about the procedure that would need to be followed.

    We have a mosque in one of our residential neighhorhoods. Religious facilities would be allowed as a special use, however this one preexists the current zoning and so in the beginning they did not have to get a special use permit. So, its not considered nonconforming since it is allowed by zoning.

    They want to build a new mosque at the rear of the property. Do they need to get a special use permit?

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    I would say that yes, they do need a SUP based on your rules. At least around here, when you expand a nonconformity, the expansion must meet the requirements. In your case, a SUP would be necessary for the expansion to meet the requirements.

    Now, how RLUIPA affects this is probably a question for your City Attorney as I am no expert on that law. A Baptist Church in a nearby town had a ruling against them regarding expansion of their church, but I remember that it had some serious heath/safety/welfare issues that may have impacted the judgement.

    *Note* Please don't flame on me about regulating religious facilities. This is something I have a lot of heartburn about and haven't fully developed my personal beliefs about "how much is too much" when regulating these uses. :-S 8-|

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    I would say yes, since it is a new structure. It sounds like one of those "not sure if you need one but lets do it to be safe" kind of things.
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    From the 2 sets of legislation I am familiar with (Canadian), I'd say, yes they do require an approval of some sort from the appropriate body. (Committee of Adjustment, Council, Commission, whatever)

    For safety and long range ease, I think I'd even recommend that they rezone the property to avoid future issues. Might even do it during a house keeping.
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