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Thread: Looking for research

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    Looking for research

    I am part of a new New Zealand company called Pacific Eyes Limited which works to promote the use of NZ artists in the building design process - from planning through to architectural and interior design, introducing suitable NZ artists to building projects.

    I am trying to identify any research out there that looks, from a business /economic perspective at the benefits (or otherwise) of using high quality design / art / public art in building, development and refurbishment projects.

    I am having real trouble sourcing any material and would be very grateful if anyone can advise.

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    Jul 2002
    Wellington, NZ
    Hi Anne,

    I remember hearing a statistic that for every one dollar the council has spent on upgrading Blair and Allen Streets in Wellington City, businesses with street frontage there contributed a further $17 in upgrading their premises. Which improves the building values, so the rates go up, and the council gets their money back. If you have seen these streets recently you will know they have changed dramatically in character and are now quite trendy with lots of upmarket clubs and restaurants.

    Not sure if this is quite what you were asking. But if you want more info I can tell you the names of some urban designers at the Wellington City Council.

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    That's an interesting statistic - related to the general line of enquiry - WCC contacts would be great. Thanks.

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    If you are interested in US examples, there are a few. The first place I would check is the National Main Street Center's web site. I don't recall whether they address art in public places separately, but they should have info on this topic if you contact them. In some cases i may be difficult to separate the impact of art from that of other Main Street improvements. A few American cities have ordinances that mandate spending a certain small share of a project budget on art, this in part being justified by the economic benefits. Seattle was among the first. I would contact the planning department there. This isn't my specialty, but perhaps some other US Cyburbanites can pitch in with other possible contacts.

    PS: I am considering a trip to New Zealand to celebrate finishing a book I am working on. It would be in April, more or less. Any ideas about who down there it might be worthwhile for a conservation/open space/environmental planner and process facilitator to visit with would be appreciated.

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