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Thread: Divided Country

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    Oct 2004
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    Thank you, Michele. This is precisely the sort of behavior that has driven me away from a lot of places in the past, and a very insightful view of the issues happening now. I completely agree. Mind, I hope i'm not being guilty myself - I often address posts, rather than people, and so don't pay that much attention to the person behind the post.
    Quote Originally posted by Michele Zone
    I think this issue runs deeper than "politics". This forum has a history of tolerating cruel behavior and tolerating behavior that targets one individual and amounts to a virtual "lynching".....you cannot have that kind of tolerance when it is part of group culture to tolerate bad behavior by the entire group while vilifying bad behavior on the part of one individual and acting like they somehow deserve to be lynched. That creates genuine fear of opening one's mouth.

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    And with that, thread closed. Now go watch CNN.

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    MZ, if you have a problem with the moderation on Cyburbia -- or any site, for that matter -- bring it up with the mods before publically posting a complaint.
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