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Thread: Are any of you familiar with Buffalo? If so...

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    Oct 2003
    In Wasteland of Cedar Trees

    Are any of you familiar with Buffalo? If so...

    Currently, I am looking at Canisius College, a school in Buffalo, NY. I know that there are a few of you from Buffalo so I'm hoping you people can help me out here.

    I don't know a thing about Buffalo, other than discussions about the empty grain elevators, the blue-collar reputation of the city, and the great disparity of 'livability' between the city and the suburbs.

    So, if you could share what this college is like, what the area is like, what is known about the college, etc, then that would be great!

    In case you're wondering, the college has a graduate study program in Deaf Education.

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    May 2003
    City of Low Low Wages!
    Dan recommended a book when I asked about Buffalo called High Hopes - The Rise and Fall of Buffalo, New York. I read it and would second Dan's suggestion. It's a great synopsis of Buffalo's issues.

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    Aug 2004
    Capital District, Albany, New York

    First, not exactly on-topic about Buffalo, but, have you looked into RIT? My understanding is that they are the leader in various aspects (at least technologically) of education for the deaf. They have a graduate program "Secondary Education of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Master of Science".

    I have a friend who did a thesis on downtown redevelopment of Buffalo and will soon be writing a column in the paper on this. So if there is something in particular about the area, I can find out...


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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally posted by Hceux
    Currently, I am looking at Canisius College, a school in Buffalo, NY.
    Lets see, personally I don't know anything about the school, other than it has something to do with something related to religion, its on Main St. and its campuses are on 2 rail stations, the neighborhood around it isn't to bad, but that really depends where you actually are renting, part of it is next to Forest Lawn Cemetery and its about 6 or 7 Buffalo blocks from my house. I also think St. Mary's school for the deaf is closeby, on the same street as the school.

    The school is in the Delaware and Masten neighborhoods and on many bus routes as well. If you take the train its about a 10 minute ride to downtown.

    Here's an aerial of the area.

    Here's another map with zip codes and other things.

    If you want demographics for the area around the school, check out these zip codes with the census. 14214, 14208, and 14209.

    Any other questions just let me know.

    Edit: I forgot that you can't link images from their mapping data so check out the city's website for any info, http://www.ci.buffalo.ny.us/document_3.html

    If you want maps go to GIS Maps.

    Here's one for the county. http://erie-gis.co.erie.ny.us/websit..._help/help.htm
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    Buffalo is a wonderfull under-rated city and there are several neighborhoods in the city that are great places to live and many of these are near Canisuis College. The city does have its problems and the suburbs are doing everything they can to make the city go away but it is too stuborn to go along with them. See the following post for some good Buffalo views.

    If you are into architecture Buffalo is the palce for you.

    Here are some nice Buffalo Pics. (these images may or may not be copyrighted. Please treat them as if they are copyrighted. I will remove them immediately if asked to do so.

    Carl Sandburg (1878–1967). Cornhuskers. 1918.

    Slants at Buffalo, New York

    A FOREFINGER of stone, dreamed by a sculptor, points to the sky.
    It says: This way! this way!

    Four lions snore in stone at the corner of the shaft.
    They too are the dream of a sculptor.
    They too say: This way! this way! 5

    The street cars swing at a curve.
    The middle-class passengers witness low life.
    The car windows frame low life all day in pictures.

    Two Italian cellar delicatessens
    sell red and green peppers. 10
    The Florida bananas furnish a burst of yellow.
    The lettuce and the cabbage give a green.

    Boys play marbles in the cinders.
    The boys’ hands need washing.
    The boys are glad; they fight among each other. 15

    A plank bridge leaps the Lehigh Valley railroad.
    Then acres of steel rails, freight cars, smoke,
    And then … the blue lake shore
    …Erie with Norse blue eyes … and the white sun.
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    Mar 2004
    Where Valley Fever Lives
    Blog entries

    Bad Football......

    The only thing I can relate to in Buffalo this year is that they have a garbage football team (see also Miami Dolphins...ha ha....)

    Nice pictures.....I would like to visit someday soon....
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    Dec 2004
    Buffalo, New York

    Buffalo Review

    I live just outside of Buffalo and cannot say enough good things about it. I think you should take the chance and come here, it is a fantastic city. The culture, people, quality of life, and opportunities are fantastic. Also, my dad went to Canisius for undergrad and it's a nice school. I can't say anything about a particular program, but it's very well respected and involved in the community. It's also a nice campus. I think it's remarkable the amount of enthusiasm "Buffalonians" have for the city. It's infectious. It really is difficult to describe, but I promise that you will understand what I mean if you choose to come. Good luck with the decision, and feel free to ask any further questions.

    P.S. The Bills do NOT suck, very close to making the playoffs!

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    May 2004
    I guess this was the right place for that fella to ask about Buffalo.

    Anyone got pics of Roanoke Va, I'd love to see those.


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    Aug 2002
    I have to admit, I have never actually been to Buffalo, but I have been following what's going on there with respect to downtown revitalization efforts, waterfront development, the (apparently successful) campaign to lure Bass Pro, etc.

    A good way to learn about a city, in my opinion, is to check out the local papers. Here's a link to the "City & Region" section of the Buffalo News:


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    Jan 2005
    Durham, NC
    I'm a Canisius grad and am currently doing graduate work at Duke. I loved Canisius and during my time there also fell in love with the city of Buffalo.

    If your main concern is finding a school with a quality faculty focused on teaching students instead of advancing their career by constant publishing, a school like Canisius is the right choice. You also won't find the ivy-league pretension that infects many schools. Some would say this means Canisius students are less intellectually curious, but from my time at a top ten University, I've decided that I'd rather be surrounded by a little laziness than the faux-intellectualism of privileged whiny wannabes (no offense to any ivy-leaguers out there, I know you're not all like that).

    The neighborhood immediately surrounding Canisius is great but a few blocks away, some may start to feel uncomfortable. The metro station is pretty much on campus and will bring you to the theatre district and Chippewa, but be careful when you're coming home late because train service stops relatively early.

    The campus is across the street from Forest Lawn cemetary (huge and beautiful). I spent many afternoons walking through to get to Elmwood (the most vibrant part of the city).

    Across the street to the north is Delaware Park with a nice three mile running path around it that takes you right by the zoo and near the Albright Knox art gallery.

    Buffalo is one of those cities that you can explore for years, continually finding hidden gems.

    Not that it's all roses and honey; Main Street (except for a few corners downtown) is abandoned and shady. The economy struggles to match the gains of the rest of the country (not that it much matters while you're in school). It snows, which I love but some don't. If you find yourself in the wrong area, you could be in trouble (but that's true of every city).

    Anyway, I love it and plan to go back.

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