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Thread: Sorting through boxes of stuff

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State

    Sorting through boxes of stuff

    After bringing on the allergies this weekend by sorting through, and shelving boxes of books...

    No this isn't Michele Zone!

    ...I have moved on to the boxes of random junk that were never cleaned out before my move. I am on box two of four. Cyburbia is proving to be a distraction. Where was I? Oh yeah. There under the slide rules and mechanical drafting set, next to the bar of Fels-Naptha Soap, half-covered by typewriter ribbons and seven (yes, seven) single hole punches, I found my Sharp Scientific calculator from college.It occured to me - I have a lot of old stuff. How did it all get that old when I am still young?
    Anyone want to adopt a dog?

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    Jul 2003
    SW-Coastal WA
    Quote Originally posted by Cardinal
    How did it all get that old when I am still young?
    It is probably some obscure application of Einstein's Theory of Relativity...but I am pathetic at physics, so I don't think I can answer your question in any kind of meaningful way.

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    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    Cardinal old age really is creeping up on you.

    Know why?

    Somehow you have previously sorted those seven single hole punches into that box before and had forgotten about it. That is what I would be worried about!

    And further more, when you continued to purchase/borrow them... what where you thinking????? Oh, I think I need a single hole punch? I remember that was on my list of things to get, but did I oh well I will just pick up another one what could it hurt!

    Or was it that you thought you could somehow mechanical put three of them together to make a three hole punch? And you were going to mess up a few in the process?

    Oh, Honey this is just to fun. Have a wonderful day. And donate a few of those punches to the needy!!! LMAO

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    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.
    Why is it that time feels like it goes by much faster than when you’re young? Why are we in such a hurry all the freaking time?

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    Jul 2002
    In the bike lane
    Quote Originally posted by michaelskis
    Why are we in such a hurry all the freaking time?
    Because it is the American way, like debt, just about everyone is in debt, just about everyone is in a hurry, It is as American as apple pie.

    I hate being in a hurry all the time. It adds to stress. I found that if you eleminate some of the things that add convienance to your life, you have to make time to do things, thus you slow down.

    For example: up until 2 months ago I did not have a microwave since I was in HS and, I had to make my frozen burittos in the oven, boil water for tea on the stove etc. During the time my food was cooking or my water was getting hot, I would STOP and RELAX.

    NOTE: the only reason I got a microwave was because I remodeled my kitchen and my wife wanted to have one of those fancy built in microwaves that go over the stove.

    ANOTHER NOTE: I rarely use the stupid thing.

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