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Thread: Every Cyburbia Resident Has A Descriptive Song

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    Every Cyburbia Resident Has A Descriptive Song

    Every resident of this community we know as Cyburbia (ironically, a "gated" community), has a persona that can.....for better or worse.....be matched to a popular song. As this old Bear approaches his 500th post it may be an appropriate time to try matching a few faces with a few songs.

    You, too, can join in the fun.....after me of course. (Age before beauty.)

    BORN TO BE WILD (Steppenwolf)
    First person I think of is Michaelskis. His willingness to speak openly about his love life (putting his 'nads on the table for all to smack), his strong support of President Bush, and his insane desire to ski down very steep hills at a very fast pace make the Ski-Man, "wild", IMHO.

    CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION (Tommy James & The Shondells)
    Believe it or not, I place Cardinal in my thoughts when I hear Crystal Blue Persuasion. It was originally an "earth" song, vocalizing about good old Mother Earth. But I think of Cardinal's intelligent, responsible, and reasonable comments in the threads and I apply that song to him.

    JAILHOUSE ROCK (Elvis Presley)
    Is this Rumpy, or what? The big lug always tells us how he's gonna do it and "behind bars" seems to be a fitting end to some of his stunts. Of course, like Elvis in the movie of the same name, I can picture Mr. Rumpy swing around the bars, coming and going as he pleases. What a man.

    E. G., of course. Patriotic with a fervor. You know where he stands, too.

    I have more in the que.....but I'll let some others make their nominations.

    Bear @ Turntable
    Occupy Cyburbia!

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