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Thread: Reverse Twist on NIMBY

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    Reverse Twist on NIMBY

    From the Newark, NJ Star Ledger, Sunday Oct. 31, 2004

    Industrial tenants in Clark oppose housing proposal
    Town officials say seniors units are needed

    Any developer who has tried building a factory in a residential neighborhood knows people living nearby don't typically haul out welcome wagons.

    A builder in Clark Township is learning the opposite is true, too.

    When a developer there proposed building a senior-citizen home amid several L'Oreal manufacturing and research plants near Old Raritan Road, the cosmetic company and its landlord, Villa Contracting, objected, saying people have no place living in an industrial neighborhood.
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    I beleive the same thing has happened in other places. Often it is the city that initiates action to prevent the conversion of industrial space, in order to have places for industry in the city. Chicago had something I think they called industrial preservation zones a few years back. Does anyone know if they are still in place or how they worked out?

    The Boulder Steelyards is a particularly interesting example of "new urban" redevelopment. It is a true mixed-use neighborhood, including industrial along with commercial and residential uses. In this photo, the buildings on the left are light industrial with residential above. The green ones are largely commercial/residential, and the brick ones in the back, facing the street, are predominantly commercial. I think the total is something like 220,000 square feet of commercial/industrial. If I get a chance, I will post some more.

    Anyone want to adopt a dog?

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