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Thread: SLC Downtown reDevelopment

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    SLC Downtown reDevelopment

    Hello, are any of you familiar with the proposed downtown redevelopment of Salt Lake City? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is investing a lot into the area around the Temple block and owns the two existing blocks (which house the two malls) currently. They also provided some renderings of concept plans for some renovations at: http://www.lds.org/newsroom/showrele...-17842,00.html

    Since this announcement, future press has stated that the original renderings are not accurate to the current plans and work being developed. Concepts of "opening up" the two malls, (instead of just having glass) have been circulated, making it more of a walkable area. Plans are confidential at the moment as they are working with corporations and retail in private, as to not "give away" any prospective clients before legal finality.

    My question is this: There are two firms working with the Church named AEW and Taubman. Are anyone of you familiar with them and their work?? Thoughts please. This huge project is of major impact to my city and discussed at length at the University here. Thanx,

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    Oh, be sure to look at the renderings and models on the links to the right hand side of the page I gave you to look at.

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    Taubman is a Detroit based REIT and is a publicly traded compnay (TCO). They are mostly into regional malls, but were secured by General Motors to assist in the development of retail facilities for their new headquarters in Downtown Detroit.

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    Anyone know about AEW? Any thoughts about the project? No one heard anymore about this? Anyway its a huge redevelopment effort...one of the largest scale in any 'downtown' of recent history I would imagine...

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    The inital renderings are horrible. Keep in mind that the redevelopment is primarily of two malls, the towers seen in the renderings are existing. The problem with the malls is that they are inward oriented, not oriented to the street. virtually no one knows how the plans have evolved since their initial release, but you are right, all the renderings did was suggest that the developers were goiing to demolish an existing parking garage and cover the internal walkways with glass, to give the impression that you were outside. If this is the way they are going, the redevelopment wil do very little in helping downtown revitalize. The retail aspect of the project needs to face onto the existing roads, with pedestrian allees running mid block.

    The biggest issue with downtown SLC is not daytime traffic, but after 5:00 pm, everyone leaves downtown. Downtown SLC needs to be the culural heart of the area, where people can live (there isn't even a small grocery store in downtown), work, and play comfortably. Bringing in retailers that would be new to the market is key to the success of the project. The City Council, over the last 20 years, has made several poor decisions that have hurt the economic vitality of SLC, including not building the Olympic park and associated ampitheater downtown (which was going to be paid for mostly by the revenue from the Olympics), building the baseball field primarily in a residential/industrial area, eliminating on street parking on Main Street, and mismanaging small business loans. They also nixed a plan for low income housing on Library Square, opting for open space that no one uses and cost millions of dollars to buid.

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