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Thread: TDR Guidelines

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    TDR Guidelines

    Looking for any help to incorporate the use of TDR's for a portion of a rural/agircultural county with a resort ($$) community within the same jurisdiction. Does anyone already have a TDR component to their Code?

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    I think The City of Mequon, Wisconsin uses them. They don't have much information on the web, so you would have to call (262) 242-3100 and ask for the Planning Dept. to find out what they do.
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    Aug 2001

    TDR Ordinances...

    Due to wetlands, shorelines, etc... WA state communities have several TDR regulations. Here are a few I found on a search at www.mrsc.org (great resource by the way!)...

    Clallam County, WA (very rural): http://search.mrsc.org/nxt/gateway.d...-f/c51-643.htm

    King County, WA (Seattle and urban environs):

    A number of other counties in WA have programs, I think Clark, Island and Pierce being some... but it's been a few years since I've researched TDRs, so who knows these days. Good luck!


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    I found what looks like a very good link to a number of ordinances and articles, etc on TDR. See if it provides you with some useful information.


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