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Thread: The 2004 election exit poll and voting results thread

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    Can I get support to my motion
    I support this resolution.

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    Apr 2004
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    C'mon, you complain about the stereotypical lefty/liberal talking points, but you repeat the stereotypical righty/conservative talking points (evil liberal media ).

    There are partisan and non-partisan media outlets - accept it and move on.

    I just said it exists, not that it's evil. I'm perfectly willing to admit FoxNews leans right, but it seems the left can't admit when news outlets obviously frame their reporting in a liberal fashion.

    Where did I complain about liberal talking points? I've pretty much stayed out of all debates here, not sure what you mean.

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    Mar 2004
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    40 Years of Darkness....

    Quote Originally posted by Greenescapist
    I guessed this one all wrong. I really didn't think Kerry had a chance in FL, but thought that Ohio might be reasonable. Wow, I don't know what Democrats have to do to get elected to national office if they couldn't beat Bush. For an incumbent President, Bush's image was pretty low--- much less popular nationally than Clinton was when he was reelected. The Democrats had so much passion on their side, too, but it just couldn't outweigh the fact that we live in a deeply Christian conservative country at this time and all those votes went to Bush.

    The Senatre and House elections were a disaster, too. The Supreme Court will be conservative for a LONG time now.... what a nightmare for progressives. I'm sure the Bush people are chomping at the bit to raise Scalia to Chief Justice now. *shudder*
    I agree that the "not so" supreme court is in trouble.....Lets just keep count on how many old decided cases get overturned in the next 30 years.....Does anyone know if the Senate will keep a filabuster power or not....if not, there is ZERO balance of power in the country now......and we will all end up paying for it somehow.....
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