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Thread: Parking outside shopping centres

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    Jul 2002
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    Parking outside shopping centres

    I am interested in any websites or personal experience with getting developers to provide dedicated pedestrian access through car parks.

    Situation we have is a U-shaped shopping complex with parking in the middle, around the edges and in the centre (double-loading?). Traffic flow in one direction, around the U. A very common set-up for small shopping centres in New Zealand and Australia. Mostly, pedestrians are only provided for around the edges, but getting from cars to footpath (sidewalk), or walking across the carpark, can be dangerous.

    We are interested in encouraging a developer to provide a path through the parking in the centre kind of like this ψ (like my crude shortcut instead of a drawing? ) However, I think we are too late in the process this time, as all the distances required for parks and between buildings are set. But we would like some resources for future reference, so that people on foot are provided for safely, instead of having to negotiate through a sea of parked cars. I know there are some good examples out there, but not sure where to find them.

    Carpark is the term we use for parking lot. Happy to take advice on on correct terminology for parking spaces etc! This is all new to me. Also, if there have been threads on this before, please let me know.

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    Jun 2003
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    I've seen some Big Box regulations that force this type of thing. You might look at Fort Collins, CO. Here are some pics from the Cyburbia gallery courtesy of Dan (I've never done this before, so if they don't work I apologize)

    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the legwork Suburb Repairman. I was just about to embark on the same image links...

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