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Thread: The Tell Us About Your Wedding(s) Thread

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    The Tell Us About Your Wedding(s) Thread

    I searched "weddings" in the great Cyburbian threadland and saw a few threads related to funny wedding stories, favorite weddings, etc. I didn't see one (1) where we can just give a description of our wedding.....or in my case, multiple weddings.

    To a lot of folks, this was a really big event with multi-tiered cakes and hundreds of well-wishers (as in the wedding scene in "The Godfather"). To others it was a quick trip to city hall and off to the motel.

    Bear Wedding # 1
    With Cynthia, at a Magistrate's Office, Monroe, MI. Besides myself and the bride, my friend, Phil and his future wife, Vicki. I had the rice in my jacket pocket and threw it in the air. We drove to a Maumee, OH bar and that was it.

    Bear Wedding # 2
    With Donna, at Oak Openings Metropark, in the Swanton, OH area. Outside wedding on a beautiful June day. About one-hundred (100) guests, with this Bear wearing his best green hi-top tennis shoes. Went to the bride's house in Maumee, OH and had the big garage party with lots of alcohol. That was my first experience with a lady called Black Velvet (mixed with Rolling Rock).

    Bear Wedding # 3
    With Carole, at the Village Office, Liberty Center, OH. Our children were with us and we celebrated by going to dinner at Loma Linda's.

    Bear Wedding # 4
    With Katie, at the Mayor's Office, Napoleon, OH. The mayor was the person who designed our 50-star American flag and his office was willed with photos of all the famous people he had met because of that. We drove home, somewhat "wiggly" because of what we were doing as we were driving. Katie went out to wash the truck before we headed out for the night and I wrote her a wedding day poem. We went to a bar in Point Place, a Toledo neighborhood. Met some friends and the next day we went on our honeymoon to Put-In-Bay, OH.....that island paradise. That same day, O.J. Simpson was doing or not doing (you be the jury) some bad stuff in L.A. Katie and I still laugh about our wedding.

    Bear With No Big Multi-Tiered Cake

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    Cyburbian Michele Zone's avatar
    Jul 2003
    San Diego, CA
    Justice of the Peace and all that. Followed by dinner and a movie. Twentieth wedding anniversary coming up. Divorce will be final about 14 months after that. Absolutely No Regrets.

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    Dec 2001
    I'll have a story in about 15 days.. well, almost 14 now. Until then, I have no idea- I can only tell you it will be an amazing day followed by many more amazing days being married to Mr. Hab.
    When Jesus said "love your enemies", he probably didn't mean kill them.

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    Cyburbian Queen B's avatar
    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    Hey Bear I think you and I are the only ones up in the big numbers...

    Wedding #1
    Randy and I (very young) had to get my mother permission but no one else knew we were getting married. Little chapel in Council Grove, KS , his sister and her boyfriend stood up with us and we had a couple other guest. His parents were very mad. No cake.

    Wedding #2
    Tom and I had both had very small weddings and planned a nice wedding. My daughter (2) was very sick that day so we just let her roam during the ceremony, she was waving to people in the audience. Everybody laughed so hard the preacher stopped the wedding to laugh and say amen. His children were there. Had the reception at a local bar. Boy did I get drunk. No wedding night sex that night!
    Yes we had a little cake but the lady that did it must not have understood what burgundy was because it ended up with purple flowers on it. I was so mad.

    Wedding #3
    Kenny and I had a nice celtic wedding with a wedding cake that was a castle.
    It was Kenny's first marriage and his family expected the whole deal. I flubbed the lines during the ceremony. I should have taken that as a sign.

    Wedding #4
    Brian and I ran off to Eureka Spring, Ark. Now that is the way to do it. You just call them up and they make you a package deal, get you everything that you need for a little wedding and then you stay in a wonderful bridal suite. Very beautiful. No one was invited, just our time. Our children all had a fit once we got back so we ended up having a reception (which was the part I had wanted to avoid) but it made them feel better. Cake yes, cheesecake!
    It is all a matter of perspective!!!

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