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Thread: Looking for Resources for Research Paper

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    Sep 2004
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Looking for Resources for Research Paper

    I am doing a research paper that looks at how New Urbanism, Transit Oriented Development and other strategies to link transportation and land use are working to make metro areas more livable and sustainable.

    I am looking for material that covers the subjects mentioned above. I need to do an analysis of different authors perspectives that look at strategies that link transportation and land use.

    Does anyone have any ideas of readings they have seen that cover these subjects?


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    Cyburbian Michele Zone's avatar
    Jul 2003
    SW-Coastal WA
    There just happens to be a webpage with most of the links I used in doing a transportation study. I am not sure how closely it fits with what you are looking for but perhaps it will be useful to you to see an entire page of Stuff I Used as resources for a class. Or perhaps not. But you won't know if you don't look.

    HTH. Good Luck. Etc.

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    I'm actually looking for the same thing. Will you please be sure to post responses? Good luck!

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    Nov 2004
    Princeton, New Jersey

    TOD resource

    The Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers is in the midst of an extensive TOD project in relation to New Jersey's Transit Village initiative. For more info, check out the TOD Project online.

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