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Thread: Street section - "green design"

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    Street section - "green design"

    I am currently looking for information on alternative design standards for roads. I've thought to include it here rather than on the transportation forum, as I'm looking for particular design details instead of general sustainable transportation policy....

    So, I'm not only looking at the usual "make them narrower" stuff, but I'm particularly interested in finding information regarding the detailed design of the street section. The site is an urban area, but we're investigating alternative standards regarding the treatment and management of stormwater, position/placement of vegetation within the cross-section including what's necessary regarding root growth etc., alternative materials for roadway/sidewalk (oil catchers, permaeable surfaces), creation of microclimates, parking area, etc....

    We are compiling some alternative cross-sections, so any examples would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't want to say "me too!", but in this case ...

    I 'm in the process of rewriting my town's zoning code. A requirement will be that a certain percentage of minimum parking required for a business must use permeable pavement, such as grasscrete. Drive aisles must be paved, though.

    I don't know how durable permeable pavement would be as a driving surface, as opposed to a parking surface. Any street will experience some heavy truck traffic for deliveries, emergencies, and so on. For streets that will be lightly travelled -- a driving lane that is permanently paved (4m or 5m), with the remainder of the pavement width in grasscrete?

    You might also want to look into "loop lanes."
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