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Thread: Form based codes

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    Quote Originally posted by TexanOkie View post
    Someone pointed out strict separation of use districts in Euclidean zoning codes, but the actual zoning code that Euclid, OH used that was challenged in the 20's was more a composite ordinance that regulated uses, yes, but also intensity and architecture. There were three separate and distinct districts in each specific and unique zoning district (1-2-3, being 1=use 2=intensity/density and 3=architectural elements/style) It was almost a form based code on top of separating uses.
    Leander, TX does a derivative of this technique. It's a pretty unique approach, although I've not yet seen the results of it in Leander.

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    Ah yes, I missed a really important aspect and disadvantage of pure FBC - it is not Euclidian in that Industrial use can be adjacent to Residential use if Use is not addressed in FBC.

    Addressing the original question, it seems that the Arlington, VA FBC is a good source as previously cited in a comment by Cirrus.

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    I'll be attending a local charette for a proposed Euclidian/Form Based Hybrid. I'll let you all know how it goes after Wednesday. Personally I believe a hybrid is where it needs to be. I agree with Streck, if you have simply form based code the ammonia factory can be next to the grocery store as long as they look the same.

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    I would also chime in that form-based code isn't going to solve all of zoning's problems. I am sure someone will find a case or two to disagree with me, but in the vast majority of cases what people call "form-based code" is actually just regular zoning with very strong design guidelines - usually with lots of pictures thrown in for good measure. Also, the idea that you can walk in and get a building permit just by having the "right" design sounds great in theory- but I suspect that most places still have some sort of design review board.

    We tried to implement form-based code here a few years ago and got a lot of push-back about how it would work and how it might end up allowing everything to go to the highest density on a block. But we have the challenge of a lot of blocks where apartment buildings are mixed with smaller homes, and the worry is that form-based code might allow the whole block to become (very attractive) apartment buildings...

    It seems that the only place that true form-based code might work are in single-use districts (residential neighborhoods or commercial corridors) with a generally homogenous level of density.

    OK, now you can rip me apart.

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