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Thread: Stud heights

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    Stud heights

    I live in a colonial-style villa (1920?) which has higher stud heights than modern residential buildings. Lower studs presumably save construction costs, but my query is why was the standard height higher in this period? Any suggestions?

    Barry Larsen, Planning Student, Auckland University, New Zealand.

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    The answer to the question is evidently that the extra ceiling height provided ventilation for the fumes and smoke generated by gas and oil lamps used for lighting in the days before electric lights became common. Thanks to the fellow who sent me that information: I lost your e.mail soo couldn't reply directly.

    In response to Mike's comments about timber sizes, I've had it suggested that PART of the reason also lies in superior milling technology, which allows greater confidence in the strength of a given piece of timber, hence less safety margin needed.

    Whatever the reason, I just enjoy the spacious airy feeling of my ceilings!

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