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Thread: Public safety standards

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    Public safety standards

    I am looking for some basic standards to put in a Pubic Safety Master plan. I have two issues that have become the overriding themes at all of our public mettings.

    First-- "we don;t have enough police" --well what is the standard for police per 1,000 pop in a suburban jurisdiction next to a large city. We have pockets particularly those close to the city limits that are drug infested, murder dens worthy of the Sopranos, as well as a large section of the county that is essentially rural in character, former farm lands. I want to put a standard in the Master Plan to act as a guide or a goal for the Police to achieve. You can suggest another strategy also if anyone has faced this problem.

    Second Big Issue-- Parmedic service. The FD told me that a paramedic/ambulance can do 3500 calls per year, but they don;t know where that comes from. Does anyone have an stats or standards for paramedic/ambulance calls per year or per month. I want to use the standard in the plan to suggest more ambulances and more personnel.

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    The LOS for police has to vary with conditions. My town only has a little over 8,000 population, but a huge commercial center, so we have roughly 2 officers per 1000. A lot more than a traditional small town of the same population.

    I am accustomed to using response time as the LOS for EMS. If they can't get there in X minutes on a regular basis, you need another crew and vehicle, and maybe another station. I have received my knowledge of this from working with various fire chiefs over the years, don't have a source to cite. You do have to know how your local EMS works though. In some cases an engine company from the fire department or other trained first responders gets there first, making it possible to tolerate a somewhat lower response time for the ambulance and paramedics, if you have them.

    I have always found that I had to modify nationally LOS, if I could find them, by talking with my local service providers.

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    Something else you might want to look into is response time.

    How long does it take police, fire, ems to respond to calls. Show on maps 2, 3, 5, 7 minute circles or ranges to where a police officer or fire person can get to from the different stations. This may ease some complaints. Then again it could show some gaps.

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    I agree with checking on the response times.

    Also, you might want to look into the standards and requirements according to
    CELEA for the police, and
    Fire Insurance rating by ISO for the fire.

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