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Thread: Reds and Blues Agree...

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    Nov 2002

    Reds and Blues Agree...

    Funding for environmental lands, community parks and conservation areas are something both donkeys and elephants agreed upon this past election....

    It's Easy Being Green

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    Dec 2003
    Heaven or Las Vegas
    Last months Sierra Club magazine had a good article about GOP senators and congresspersons (there were women too) who tend to vote for environmental issues. Many were active in opposing drilling in ANWR. Now if they'd just acknowledge the connection between that oil quest and the war in Iraq and increasing VMT in this country, I'd sleep better at night. I'm going to write some letters!

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    Jul 2004
    austin, tx
    I think perhaps the environmental movement has become a victim of its own success in the sense that people on both sides of the political spectrum now take good environmental stewardship for granted. Caring about the environment is so mainstream that it's no longer strictly an issue for the left.

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