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Thread: Jobs in brownfield redevelopment

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    Jobs in brownfield redevelopment

    Hi, I'm a first-semester master's student in planning and I'm considering brownfield redevelopment as an area I'd like to work in. While I have a pretty good "big picture" understanding of this area of planning, I'm not exactly sure of the skills/knowledge base required on the job. Which would be more useful: courses in environmental planning or economic development? Does anybody out there in the field have any advice for developing some expertise in this area?

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    As an economic developer I have been involved in brownfield projects. Some of the tasks I manage include:

    - identifying sites for development
    - assessing markets to determine suitable re-uses of the site
    - creating concept plans for the redevelopment area
    - acquisition of properties for redevelopment
    - writing grant applications to secure funding for investigation and clean-up
    - establishing TIF districts for funding redevelopment
    - soliciting developers for projects
    - negotiating development agreements

    The skills I have needed include knowledge of real estate markets, economic development finance, and site/neighborhood planning. I have a somewhat better-than-average knowledge of environmental science, but not anything special. The environmental scientists I have hired generally deal with environmental assessment, writing the remediation plan, and obtaining necessary permits.

    If you want to get into the technical environmental aspects of brownfield redevelopment, you should go the environmental science route. The best combination would be environmental science and engineering. If you are more interested in the planning and project development aspects of brownfield redevelopment, go with economic development.
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