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Thread: Community Corp. Research Project

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    May 2004
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    Community Corp. Research Project

    I'm meeting with the executive director of my local community corporation this Friday to discuss possible projects for me to work on that would be mutually beneficial for the corporation and my grad school applications.

    I know she's currently looking at stabilizing the neighborhood by turning some duplexes into condominiums and increasing home ownership. She's also encouraging new, small businesses with some success on the business district in our community and also remediating vacant lots, closed gas stations for new use as well as assessing the current land use of the Dutchtown community in which I live.

    Based on all of those things, what might you guys suggest I discuss as possible projects with her that will both help her in her work as well as make my application look appropriate for someone interested in development?

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    It sounds like some research in infill development/redevelopment would be a good place to start based on your description of the director's goals. Infill development is a popular area right now and would look good on a resume. You could also look at small business assistance programs that a few other cities have done.

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