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Thread: Punishment for Cheating

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    Jun 2004
    Dennis, MA
    Quote Originally posted by Breed
    My wife says those two might be related. When she was in Catholic school, pretty much all punishment was dealt with in front of the class, regardless of the infraction. Still a bit harsh... but maybe it's SOP.
    I have to agree based upon my limited time in parochial school. The nuns seem to have a license to kill little ones. I remember getting whacked across the fleshy part of the fingers on several occasions (do not remember why as I left sister school after third grade), and having there quirky little clackers thrown at me for not quieting down quick enough. Sister would have made a wonderful pitcher with here aim and the speed on that thing.

    Sister school punishment was way over the top for elementary school children. And I still feel this way with what your child faced.
    Planning is much like acting, as my old theater professor used to say, "If you sin, sin boldly, only you know if you are ad libbing." I follow this adage almost daily.

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    Jul 2003
    San Diego, CA
    I, personally, would explain to my child that the teacher is kind of a victim of the system in that she is in a double-bind between The Rules and her own morals (she knows it is ridiculous) but she really isn't doing the right thing. I would then likely go on to have a lengthy discussion with my kids about system dynamics, yadda yadda, until they decided that they had an urgent appointment with a video game.

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    Feb 2003
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    When asked his phone number, Albert Einstein replied, "I have no idea, why should I memorize that when I can simply look it up in the phone book." (or something like that)

    Kudos to your little one for being resourceful. Memorization is for saps (and AICP-takers )

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    Seems to be a tad over the top, no doubt about it....if anything, I would think the option of a retest would not be out of the question.....

    I always think fondly of what my Gramps used to tell me....

    "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't trying....."
    Forechecking is overrated.

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