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Thread: Concept of space in architecture

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    Concept of space in architecture

    Space is a basic subject in architecture, and conception of space in philosophy is major discussion between philosophers but architects do not considered in this subject, because space is`nt visible. Many of architects are considered only in form and are`nt thought about spatial image in architectural designing.

    According to most famous architect and their master works in architecture ,space is major aspect of architectural design .I would like to research about conception of space in contemporary architecture.

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    Space, basically, is a dimension dependent on the viewer or his/her viewpoint. Most people cannot experience the "emptyness" of space but instead, their attention is drawn to the materia that defines the outer limits of the space.

    The way I see it is that the challenge of Architects is to a degree, make that "spatial nothingness" perceivable to people.

    Best wishes
    Harry Kafka

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    In philippine architecture, space is the primary key in designing. We call this concept "a space surrounded by space". Culturally, we want our rooms opened. You would notice that in our ancestral houses and even in contemporary structures, we divide rooms not by walls or partitions, rather, an implied division like a plants bisecting the whole area. The living area of our ancestral houses is surrounded at both sides by the bed rooms which has a 180m door and are always open. For semi-privacy,we use only door curtains. Above the walls and doors are wooden grills (so it's open). Our windows are very large, covering almost of the entire wall plus we have the ventanillas, which are openings below the windows.Approximately , only 15 percent of all sides of our ancestral houses are permanently closed.

    Nowadays, this old concept brings into life.

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