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Thread: Urban neighborhood overlay zoning

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    Jul 2002
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    Urban neighborhood overlay zoning

    I have a request from a client who wants an me to work on writing a new section of their zoning ord. They want an overlay zone for a urban area to allow for infill housing on small urban lots.

    The present setback and lot coverage requirements are for large suburban developments and make it impossible to devleop new home on vacant lots in an 1800's urban neighborhood.

    Do any of you have anything similar to what I'm looking for.

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    Aug 2001
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    Madison, WI dealt with a similar issue a few years back. Zoning ordinances, written after some of the best city neighborhoods developed, prevented any infill, redevelopment, or even home expansion from occurring.
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    Feb 2003

    Winnebago County, WI Existing Development District Overlay

    This may not entirely be what you are looking for, but it sounds close.


    (1) STATEMENT OF INTENT. This district is intended to provide for an adjustment of lot size, yard and access requirements [Sec. 17.02-5(d)(1)] in those districts where existing or surrounding development, though compatible in character to the basic zoning district, does not meet one or more of the basic district standards.

    (2) PRINCIPAL USES. According to underlying district.


    (a) A principal structure and its accessory structures may be erected on any vacant, legal lot or parcel which was on record in the County Register of Deeds Office before the effective date or amendment of this Ordinance. Also, a principal structure may be extended, altered or converted and its accessory structures may be erected when the existing structure was built in compliance with any permit requirements in effect before the effective date or amendment of this Ordinance and where the principal structure was located on the lot in compliance with those zoning regulations which were applicable at the time of its construction and provided any addition does not add to, or extend, the nonconforming setback(s), nor exceed 50% of the principal structure's assessed value, or 50% of its floor area existing at the time of adoption of this Ordinance.

    (b) In each existing case, all the district require-ments shall be complied with insofar as practical, but shall not be less than the following (except as may be provided in Sec. 17.27):

    (1) Lot.

    (a) Width--Minimum--None.
    (b) Area--Minimum--None.

    (2) Building.

    (a) Height--Maximum--According to underlying district.

    (3) Yards.

    (a) Street (Vacant)--Minimum--30 ft. The second street yard on corner lots shall be not less than fifteen (15) ft.
    (b) Street (Built)--Minimum--According to prior zoning standards.
    (c) Rear--Minimum--25 ft.
    (d) Side--Minimum--Total shall be 26% of the lot width, with no one (1) yard less than five (5) ft. except in floodplain, side yard setbacks shall be a minimum of 7' on one side and 10' on the other.
    (e) Shore--Minimum--75 ft.

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