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Thread: montreal winter extravaganza! snow, night, people shots! [Broadband Recommended]

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    montreal winter extravaganza! snow, night, people shots! [Broadband Recommended]

    first, let me issue a plea for your help. some montrealers might recognize the following pieces of graffiti:

    the stencil artist who created the above has been arrested and charged with 85 counts of mischief. he is scheduled to exhibit his work at an art gallery on st-laurent in the new year, but if the charges stick, he could be thrown in jail instead. for more information on how you can act, please visit the zeke's gallery website.

    fight the criminalization of street art!


    relish the following, because it's the last snow-free shot of montreal you'll see until april.

    it's 4:45pm and already pitch black. the joys of a montreal winter.

    even sir george étienne cartier gets a scarf when the snow first falls.

    the peck building at st-viateur and st-laurent is now home to a videogame company. unfortunately, they decided to adorn their new home with a suburban office park-like sign.

    after a morning exam, i decided to take the 24 out to NDG to pick up some curry at dad's bagels and check out a nice-looking cafe i had glimpsed earlier.

    in case you're curious, the only possible way gay marriage can now be prohibited constitutional amendment is passed, which is all but impossible, or if the notwithstanding clause of the constitution is implemented, which is also next to impossible. even if parliament votes against legalizing gay marriage across canada when a bill is tabled in the new year, it will remain legal wherever the existing laws have been struck down by the courts (ontario, quebec, british columbia, the yukon and manitoba, as it stands right now). opponents have no hope in hell of gay marriage ever being illegal again.

    changing from the 24 bus to the 80 at bleury street.

    later that day....

    friday night, the storm started. saturday afternoon, the city looked like this:

    i headed up to the jean-talon market. st-denis near jean-talon.

    this is vaguely pornographic:

    back in the mile end, walking towards parc avenue along st-viateur.

    saturday night:

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    Cyburbian drucee's avatar
    Aug 2004
    I love Montreal after one of its frequent megastorms. Almost makes me wish Chicago would just get covered in snow a few times a year instead of a wimpy few inches at a time followed by long periods of brown.

    Speaking of Chicago, Mile-End is channeling my home neighbourhood of Hyde Park again:

    I hope to be making my eleventh visit to Montreal sometime during late March... p't'etre on va prendre un cinq ŕ sept?

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    actually, those photos were taken in a few neighbourhoods. the first is durocher street in outremont; the second and third were taken on old orchard street in NDG; the fourth was taken in a nearby alley, also in NDG; and the last was taken on jeanne-mance street in mile end.

    i'd definitely be up for a cinq-ŕ-sept in march.

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    Nov 2002

    Montreal needs the punishing cold and snow to keep all the disgruntled liberal Americans away.

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    Cyburbian michaelskis's avatar
    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.

    Hey, is that Morgan Freeman in one of the pictures?

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    Apr 2004
    Tri-Cities, Washington
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    Quote Originally posted by Seabishop

    Montreal needs the punishing cold and snow to keep all the disgruntled liberal Americans away.
    Wont keep this Liberal American away. Especially when the Habs drop the puck again.

    GREAT shots. I have to go there and visit my cousin sometime soon. Maybe walk around and check out the streetscapes.
    You get all squeezed up inside/Like the days were carved in stone/You get all wired up inside/And it's bad to be alone

    You can go out, you can take a ride/And when you get out on your own/You get all smoothed out inside/And it's good to be alone

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    Mar 2004
    Where Valley Fever Lives
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    Love the pictures....

    WTF Those tomatoes are only $2.99 Canadian a pound?? That's $2.43 US a pound (using the $1.223 exchange rate).... I thought you Canuckistanians used Pennyweights or Scruples or Kilograms or some other silly measurement up there.....I've been paying $128.37 US per Slug for those damn Canuckistanian Tomatoes here in South Florida.....now who can figure out how much more I'm paying for tomtatoes per pound in US dollars??.....he he he......Maybe this should be added to the AICP exam......

    Yes, you read that correctly....even though I live in a great agricultural state.....I have to eat South American vegi's and fruit and Canadian goods year round....I hear this is because local distributors (largely run out of S. Florida by now) send everything north and foreign competition has driven them out of the south Florida markets....
    Does anyone have additional information on this trend....?

    Doesn't Morgan Freeman live on a large ranch in the middle of Mississippi?
    “The way of acquiescence leads to moral and spiritual suicide. The way of violence leads to bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers. But, the way of non-violence leads to redemption and the creation of the beloved community.”
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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    only three dollars a pound? for most of the year, tomatoes are between one and one and a half dollars per pound. three dollars is abnormally expensive.

    I thought you Canuckistanians used Pennyweights or Scruples or Kilograms or some other silly measurement up there

    officially, it's metric, but in practice there's something of a weird compromise.

    weight, height, short distances = imperial
    volume, speed, temperature, long distances = metric

    ask your average twentysomething canadian and he'll tell you the temperature in celsius, the volume of his can of pop in millilitres, his height in feet and inches and his weight in pounds. i personally have no idea what it means to be 1m55 tall, yet i don't know how much an ounce or a gallon is, either.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Great shots! I've always wanted to try taking pictures of people in the city but I've always been nervous about negative reactions...do you ask permission, or just use a really good zoom lens?

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    beautiful pics, very jealous, having an escapist moment. thank you.

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    Always a treat to see so many high-resolution threads of streetscapes.

    Chris, what brand of camera and what pixel setting did you use for these photos?

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    i have a good zoom lens, which definitely helps. otherwise you would have to get so close to someone as to invade their private space. there are exceptions, of course, when it's easy to get right up to someone and take their picture without them noticing.

    i have a fujifilm s5000 camera. i shoot all my photos at 2816x2120 pixels and then resize them in photoshop to 640x480.

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